Thursday, July 7, 2011

New Scent from Bath and Body Works! - Paris Amour

I hardly ever follow all those limited edition scents from B&BW. They're almost worse than MAC when it comes to limited edition collections. Yet, I popped my head in recently when they were having a Buy 3,  Get 3 free sale of some sort. There's this new scent, it's called Paris Amour and will be released in August of 2011. It claims to have..
Top notes:
Sparkling Mandarin, Petite Strawberry, Cassis, Pink Apple Blossom, Dewy Freesia

Mid notes:
Luscious Peach, Jasmine Petals, French Tulip, Water Lily, Frangipani

Drydown notes:
French Vanilla, Coconut Milk, Amber Wood, Sandalwood, Creamy Musk

From B&BW: Paris Amour is the perfect scent for the fall. The essence of a woman who isn’t afraid of spontaneous adventure. Feminine and romantic,Paris Amour captures those first fleeting moments of falling in love: stolen glances from a beautiful stranger, a stroll down the Champs-Elysees, the unforgettable kiss.

The latest addition to the Signature CollectionParis Amour evokes the enchanting spirit of the namesake city. Envelop yourself inParisian allure every day with a blend of sweet sparkling florals andwarm, creamy muskA part of Bath & Body Works’ “Romantic” collection, Paris Amour is formulated to make you feel elegant, beautiful and chic.

I'm a huge fan of the top and middle notes, I always love myself a good fruity, floral scent. Yet, I'm not so sure how I feel about coconut and vanilla being in the bottom notes. I'm a fan of neither but, hopefully the combination will only enhance the muskiness of the other drydown scents. 

Now that that's over with, can we just look at the packaging? LOOK! It's absolutely beautiful. I'm going to have to get the perfume, because the packaging is just so cute. Everything. I'm not a huge pink person, or rainbow person at that. But this reminds me of one of my favorite cartoons when I was little. And yes, being the good asian I was, they were My Little Pony, Dragon Tales, Clifford, Cyberchase and some Japenese one about animal girls (there was lots of glitter and rainbows, and cupcakes!). Oh! I forgot pokemon.. how could I? 

Products include: Shower Gel ($10.50), Body Lotion ($10.50), Fragrance Mist ($12.50), Eau de Toilette ($29.50), Bubble Bath ($12.00), Shimmer Mist ($14.00), Select A Shimmer ($14.00) 

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