Monday, May 31, 2010

Project 10 Pan Round 1 - Update

I've yet to post my video on project 10 pan onto youtube, oops. but you guys do know it has started :) here is a little update on it, it's not complete with pictures (i'm getting lazy) but, i think a thorough description will do - I've also amped this up to a legit project 10 pan - I know... shocking.

1. Maybelline Chai Latte Quad - Browbone Color
I'VE HIT PAN!! woohoo, I believe it was last thursday or friday that I saw that glorious spark of tin hit my eyes. Yes! the joy. My goal was to hit pan on the eyeshadow, but now I really just want to finish it up - so this eyeshadow has a decent sized hole in it, but is still going strong!

2. C.O. Bigelows Peppermint Gloss
I originally wanted to finish a Revlon Shiny Sheers, then a VS Shinestick, but ended up settling for this 2 year old tingly gloss. It gives a cooling effect - which is perfect for summertime and the clear shade is versatile over any lipstick, or alone. I'm probably less than 1/2 way through (I just subbed it in recently)

3. Rimmel Lipstick in Airy Fairy
When I first got the lipstick, I made a scratch off point to where the 1/2 way mark was (so I knew how much was left). I'm a good 3-4 cm off of the mark, I've still a way to go - but the lipstick is slowly diminishing (Thank goodness!). I have very mixed feelings towards it, sometimes it's gorgeous - yet sometimes I look like an ashen zombie.

4. Elf Hypershine Gloss in Joy

5. Smith's Rosebud Salve
This remains untouched, I've been prefering my Vaseline... I better get cracking...

6. Maybelline lash stilleto mascara
Darn, I haven't touched this either - I HATE MASCARA.

7. Everyday Minerals Powder
I used this... once this month.

8. Almay Naturals Foundation
I used this thrice this month, that's not so bad - right? I use this as undereye concealer often

9. Clniique Bronzer in Sunkissed
I use this everyday, but a dent hasn't even been made - it's a bad sign.

10. Revlon Cream Illuminance Quad in Precious Metals - Gold Color
I've used this relatively often, it's dimming down :)

I CHEATED. sorry, i had to buy the MAC to the beach stuff - no exceptions.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Bronzer Comparisons

Of the few bronzers I've tried, the following are the ones I own. In this post I'm going to give an exclusive (from my youtube videos) indepth review on them and how they compare to each other. Expect a grade (A+ - F) for each product. So are you wondering which bronzer you should buy this summer? Find out below!

Priced at $2.99 (found at your local drugstore) this bronzer is defintely the best bang for its buck. The packaging could be better and the included "puff" is useless unless you want to cake your bronzer on. I suggest using all bronzers, but this one especially with a large paddle powder brush or a stippler brush. This is an extremely pigmented, and matte bronzer that is perfect for contouring. I prefer to use a slightly shimmery bronzer on my cheekbones or all over my face to give an actual glow. This is useful for contouring, but I barely use this.

Value: 9/10

Quality: 7/10

Packaging: 2/10

Overall: B

Sephora Sundisk - $20
This product is HUGE. But, like the NYC bronzer, it only has one color to choose from. But, this color can never look muddy with a peachy/coppery glow. It has a very slight shimmer or sheen in it but is probably considered matte. I love this bronzer to give my face a nice glow (the 3B method) with a large paddle brush. I never contour with this and use this basically for an all over glow. Although I like this, some downfalls are that the powder isn't packed loosely enough so it can get messy, the compact is HUGE and bulky and that it has a weird perfume-y smell.

Quality: 8/10
Value: 7/10
Packaging: 6/10


Cargo Blu Ray Bronzer - $30 (bought @ $15 @ Sephora)

This bronzer is never muddy and has a mostly matte finish. It has a slight orange tinge which can make you glow slightly orange in pictures and on stage. So never use this as stage makeup! I do like the consistency and the quality is good. The power is packed well into the pan and the packaging is sturdy. I love the huge mirror and how the hinge goes past 180 degrees so you can get into the bronzer without getting the powder on the mirror. I like to use a stippler brush with this just because I find it breaks up this powder the best.

Value: 4/10
Quality: 8/10
Packaging: 8/10


Clinique True Bronzer in Sunkissed

- a pinky toned bronzer with golden sparkles

Quality: 8/10

Packaging: 9/10

Value: 6/10


Friday, May 14, 2010

Project 10(?) Pan - Round 1

YES! I am making the risque journey into the woods - I am venturing into the world of fire that every makeup addict cringes when she/he thinks of - PROJECT 10 PAN. If you, my reader, don't know what this is, it is basically taking 10 products and hitting the "pan" of the product or completely using it up. It depends on the product and your variation. Many people go to the "extreme" and want to finish all ten products - including eyeshadows and powders. Isn't that crazy? I could never - so in my version, I'm hitting pan for the powders and finishing other products. This project discludes makeup remover, nail polish, - basically anything that isn't technically makuep. I roatate my makeup (mascaras, eyeshaodws, foundations, powders) pretty much daily, so i'm nowhere near finishing most of my makeup. Therefore, I'm going to have to speed this up - becuase if you really think about it - this would be impossibel for me.

My Variation: Instead of using 10 products, I'm going to be using 3. Yes, I know - that's a tiny number, but i'm going to start off slowly for my first round of this project. No use in going crazy - eh? I'm going to update you guys every 2 weeks on my progress and hopefully I'll be able to speed thorugh this by mid-way through the summer break.
My Products:
Maybelline Chai Latte Eyeshadow Quad: I've already used up one full shadow from this quad- the "crease" color which was a shimmer golden brown color whcih added some shine to any part of your eye. My next goal is to finish the "browbone" color which can easily be used as an all over lid color everyday. It's a sheer, sparkly, and shimmery cream color shadow with decent pigmentation. (My next attack for Project 5 Pan will be the matte "lid" color)

Smith's Rosebud Salve: This can be bought as sephora, and I'm about 1/2 way through - just a little more to go! :) This is basically scented vaseline and is easily applied throughout the day anywhere on your body.

Maybelline Lash Stilletto Mascara: I know mascara is supposedly the easiest to get through, but I doubt that will be the case for me. I use mascara sparingly - because I like my lashes to stay healthy and strong. Although I've had this for a while - I doubt i'm even 1/16th through the bottle.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

on beauty.

Beauty. The saying “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” is a true depiction of beauty. Your perception of beautiful will be beautiful. If you believe you are beautiful, you will truly transform into a beautiful person – inside and out. Beauty may be that which seduces you, that which is promiscuous. Yet true beauty is neither of these things. True beauty is emulated from within; it is not something shallow or superficial. The true definition of beauty is not clearly defined. I feel beauty. Beauty radiates from the beautiful. It is those who do the right thing, help out those who cannot help themselves. Those who are beacons of light in this cruel world of hardship. Yet, someone can fake these feelings, pretend – and fool some people. Remember that most see through you, you may believe you are opaque, but in reality, you are transparent. If you are not beautiful, even the slightest hint, at least don’t try to hide reality. You are ugly, hideous and mean. That is you – accept you. Once you accept you- perhaps you can change into someone truly beautiful.

on makeup:
“When I wake up in the morning, I’m not afraid to hide my face – I simply feel pure and clean, like when I have a freshly scrubbed face.”

Friday, May 7, 2010


Moon Dust, Mulch

Honey Lust, Pink Ice, All that Glitters

Pink Ice on Top and All That Glitters on the Bottom.

Mulch on Top, Moondust on bottom


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