Saturday, January 22, 2011

a classic never changes

The other night I had an induction ceremony for an honor society at my school. Under a friend's incistence, I took pictures and edited the makeup I did on her face in a quick three minutes. I used my "Walking on Eggshells" palette that seems to work well on all skin tones. I've decided that classic shapes, colors and everything even books are best- trendy is just so not me! Besides this, I've been feeling a lot of regret in my life, about friends, people, and myself. I guess, I should just let go and move on? and maybe learn to stick with the classics.

My outfit was inspired by some vintagey photo spread I saw the other day on the internet.




shirt: macy's
belt: vintage
skirt: vintage
shoes: boots from soho
much love, xox. i'm sorry for the sparse posts and pictures! it's midterm week.. :)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

30 for 30 + project 10 pan.

the government says that the recession is over, i simply nod my head in disagreement. the gas price is sitll above $3.30/gallon and i can still believe that shops are going out of business, and people are still searching for jobs in desperation. i am a teen, but i like the the rest of the work force, do make my own money- and do pay my own taxes. when you're under 18 and have a job, it's like growing up in a big city. you grow up faster than you should. i'll get into the morals of having a job, and the fleeting quality of childhood another day. today, we're getting into 30 for 30 and project 10 pan.
if you're a makeup junkie, you know the basics of it is to finish up 10 makeup products, and the one condition you have to stick to is you can not buy any makeup at all for the time you are using up the 10 products in your collection. considering i'm extremely busy nowadays, i'm thinking this is a good time to do it, since the temptation of shopping for makeup is minimal.
1. l'oreal infallible eyelienr
2,3. revlon creme illumiance eyeshadows x2
4. clinique sunkissed bronzer
5. l'oreal voluminous mascara
6. wet n' wild megaslicks lipgloss in clear
7. rimmel lipstick in airy fairy
8. smith's rosebud salve
9. eos lipbalm
10. mabyelline the falsies mascara
i know i've included a lot of these products in my blog previously, but i've yet to finish them through my many successive, yet unsuccessful project ten pans. yay me.
now, 30 for 30 is a completely different yet, shockingly similar type of project. i got the idea form the blog credited below- i love this blog. she has a very preppy, almost teacher like style, and her lines and pages are very clean. it's almost similar to excpet for the fact that cupcakes and cashmere is defintley more high fashion and bohemian. anyways, the way 30 for 30 works is that you...
pick out 30 pieces of clothing you will wear everyday for 30 days.
will wear every piece of clothing over the course of 30 days.
not buy any clothes for 30 days.

feburary here we come! i will post more pictures of all the products and clothing items in a seperate post. my internet secret life is coming to a halt though, midterms are here. and like any good teenage nerd- studying comes first.
much love. xx

Saturday, January 15, 2011

you were better back then..



sweater dress: H&M
belt: my mom's vintage
leggings: tjmaxx
high top converse

the start of this extended weekend has been filled with nostalgia and pangs of pain. i can assume that i am a fondly nostalgic person- that i ponder upon all the laughs, smiles and beauty of the past. but, that fact would only be true with a disclaimer. but, sometimes scrolling through facebook kind of sucks. this probably sounds creepy, when things pop up on your newsfeed your heart strings get tugged, no pulled and you feel that pang of regret- did i do something wrong? i always rewind and tell myself to live without regrets- and to find joy in the pain.
yesterday, i burned myself with a jalapeno. i didn't even know it was possible to do that until then, my hand + face felt like they were on fire and all the blood was drawn out of it. of course, while screaming and holding cold water on my face, i looked up how to take away jalapeno burn or something along those lines. apparently you should take dairies (yougurt, cream cheese, sour cream, milk) that's cold and slap it on your face and the burn should go. but, the jalapeno will stay on your hands for a while (or your face..) so avoid hot water, makeup and contacts ( i learned that the HARD way).
my weekend's started off crazy- but much love to all <3

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

huckleberry finn + snow


i've recently discovered tons of new blogs with this crisp, clean feel that have inspired me to document more of my life, and more of my outfits on this blog. i'm going to do a whole redo of everything in here- redoing the background, the name, the banner everything! so, here's my brand new spanking blog! whenever i have started something, i get all OCD about it. i've also started a new "project" i guess i should talk about. i've started making inspiration boards- yeah like the ones magazines use to inspire their writers and stylists of their themes that month. but, mine - obviously i don't work at a magazine-includes my short term goals for that month+ the colors that inspire me and the mood that i want that month to be. we all know over here that i enjoy 10 things i hate about you, even though it was canceled this fall (why!?) and brianna creates a dream book. yes, i know, a lame-o dream book. it contains all her goals and dreams that she wants for her life - of course hers is so detailed, it's scary. but, i don't think i need a dream book. my life isn't set out to be planned by myself- but rather by God. God knows my future, so why should i dream of any other future than one with Him?

anyways my plans for today? absolutely nothing. it snowed an underwhelming amount - 4 inches. our whole town and school district expected over 8 inches- so they canceled school last night. but of course, the weather holds itself out on us. i'm sure every kid curses the weather man once in a while. i was too ashamed to take the pictures i took of myself today- i couldn't suck it up! i'm currently not wearing my contacts, concealer or any spot of makeup and wearing a big old sweatshirt, ratty sweatpants and those slipper booties that kids wear around the house. yay me!



Tuesday, January 11, 2011

snow days + winter chill

every day should be a snow day. tomorrow is going to be one! our school called our house and everything, which is super exciting. i know i will hate this snow day for ruining my memorial day weekend, but hey! let's not worry about the future. carpe diem! of course, i have those dreaded midterms to study for, and after midterm week i have a nerve racking week of meetings with people who are infinitely smarter than i. joy! planning, preparation and haste- my three favorite words to describe a month. January is going to be more hectic then i had planned! oh don't we all love the unexpected burden? i''ll stop complaining now. I've spent the past three days addicted, absolutely addicted to the TV show 10 things i hate about you from around 2009-2010. I have accomplished all 20 episodes from seriously, the show is not nearly as good as the good ol' 1999 movie, but hey! it was like a good cheesy, super cheesy, super kind of stupid but kind of good guilty pleasure comedy chick flick on crack (20 episodes of that!). in theory they're good study breaks (each episodes is just under 25 minutes), but you get addicted fast. so, save a whole snow day if you want to watch them. but seriously, i was addicted, i seriously raced home from school all of yesterday and today to watch it. I'm somewhat happy with the way the first (and only...) season ended. but seriously, WHY DO THEY CANCEL SHOWS I ACTUALLY WATCH? i know sometimes they suck, but sometimes.. i kind of want to know what happens! like The beautiful life? remember that show?! seriously, stop canceling shows tv, i'm scared to get hooked now, i'll suffer from withdrawal.anyways, i filmed a video today, and it has uploaded, but here's my outfit.
shirt: UNIQLO
sweater: H&M
jeans: target
rings: gifts
shoes: jcpenny

Sunday, January 9, 2011

winter flannel

that'd be my hair.
oh winter flannel. my recent, joking- i'm always into this, mood has been black, greys, nice monotones. my mom calls it the "new york city" style, but i just think it's me. anyways, i've been blessed in a way. whenever i try to be another style then what i am, it always fails -which means i can stay true to myself, and my actual likes instead of trying to be a "hipster" or a "prep". sometimes that'll work for a day or two, but usually it just fails. i don't know how to describe my style- i guess i can describe it as me. so, here i am documenting my clothes - i know everyone likes a good outfit of the day. anyways, what inspired me to wear this outfit on (jan 3, 2011) was a spread in the recent lucky magazine. I believe it may be feburary of 2011? darn it, i keep writing 2010 instead of 2011! i need to get used to this whole year change. 2011 seems so weird, it just looks funny on a paper, doesn't it? wow! that was a tanget- okay. so, it was something about cozy sweaters and beaches. it was basically a spread on the "west coast" style of california. it was girls with long waves, cable knit sweaters, rose colored makeup etc. it felt so wintery, even though the girls weren't even wearing pants! something about the coziness and the comfort of it all inspired me with this outfit.

graphic tee: american eagle
flannel: uniqlo
sweater: forever 21
corduroys: forever 21
shoes(not pictured): black high top converse

Saturday, January 1, 2011


something seems so odd to me, is it really 2011? quite honestly, it doesn't feel like 2011, not at all. It feels just like another day, like a tomorrow, like a today, like a yesterday- but not a new year. every day brings new trials, new victories- but I'm glad to say, as of now, I'm giving all up to Him. Okay, if you're not walking with God and you're reading this, you may think I'm slightly insane- but I can say, I'm far from insane. I'm excited, I'm glad, and I'm more filled with joy then I have been in a long long time. I'm excited to grow closer to Him, and to become some one I always wished I could be. Glory to God :)
Anyways, resolutions, resolutions, these are hard for me! I felt like my heart has been changed so recently, but I'm trying to write these all down.
1. My first one is definitely giving my whole life to God and putting him first- re prioritizing my life to include Him more 100%-ly.
2. Eat Healthy :)
3. Finish that huge book list I have building up in my room.
4. Try to do that project 10 pan thing for reals.
5. Clean out my closet so my clothes actually fit into my closets again..
6. Makeup clean out!
7. Keep a consistent journal- remember stillness, peace etc.

Anyways, how are your new resolutions? What is most important in your life? I think those are interesting questions to dwell upon at the start of every new year.

On another note, I've recently totally cleaned up my room - like a lot guys. Like, I haven't seen this much of my desk and this much of my floor in about... a year. That's no exaggeration, but going in there, I love it. It feels really peaceful and fresh- a totally different dynamic then it was last year. Last year, I felt stressed just going into my room and approaching my work, approaching my life. Perhaps my new clean room will bring a fresh perspective and a fresh take on my life for 2011.

I'm obsessed with this song. Go Jen Chung!
"Unexpected, like a shooting star.
That's how we started, adoration from afar.
But we lost it, we couldn't reach the bar.
Now I'm nowhere near where you are.
Our ties are broken and apart.

Oh maybe, one day, oh, one day.
We'll cross each other's way,
And have a chance to say, "For you, I'm happy."
Oh maybe, one day, oh, one day.
We'll grab a coffee and share stories
About the woman you love,And the man that I've met,
And have no regrets 'cause in the end,
It was for the best."

A sneak peak of a new hair tutorial and a new makeup tutorial series? Are you excited? I worked really hard figuring out how to do everything in these tutorials and I'm currently working on editing. They'll probably be up around Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

I've found some new ideas for this blog, perhaps you'll be excited for them! I've decided to do outfits of the day. Bloggers like Jane of and inspire me with their keen eyes for fabrics and patterns and distinctive styles. I've decided to express myself more through clothing this year- and document my path through this blog. I'd honestly describe my clothing style (when I try, I often get lazy and do the whole Juicy Couture Sweats + Ratty old sweatshirt + No makeup + ponytail thing) as girly, slightly vintage, very classic. Along with Outfit of the Days and small vlogs about my life, I'll defintely include Face of the Days, so you can follow the makeup trends I'm obsessed with. I love keeping a blog updated, they're much more accessible then a youtube video in my opinion. Although I ADORE my youtube subscribers and viewers, sometimes people just don't have time or the patience to watch a youtube video, a blog is much easier to just read. so, have an optimistic view on your 2011! :) Congrats to us all for getting through 2010 with only a few scrapes and bruises.


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