Saturday, January 15, 2011

you were better back then..



sweater dress: H&M
belt: my mom's vintage
leggings: tjmaxx
high top converse

the start of this extended weekend has been filled with nostalgia and pangs of pain. i can assume that i am a fondly nostalgic person- that i ponder upon all the laughs, smiles and beauty of the past. but, that fact would only be true with a disclaimer. but, sometimes scrolling through facebook kind of sucks. this probably sounds creepy, when things pop up on your newsfeed your heart strings get tugged, no pulled and you feel that pang of regret- did i do something wrong? i always rewind and tell myself to live without regrets- and to find joy in the pain.
yesterday, i burned myself with a jalapeno. i didn't even know it was possible to do that until then, my hand + face felt like they were on fire and all the blood was drawn out of it. of course, while screaming and holding cold water on my face, i looked up how to take away jalapeno burn or something along those lines. apparently you should take dairies (yougurt, cream cheese, sour cream, milk) that's cold and slap it on your face and the burn should go. but, the jalapeno will stay on your hands for a while (or your face..) so avoid hot water, makeup and contacts ( i learned that the HARD way).
my weekend's started off crazy- but much love to all <3

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