Saturday, October 1, 2011

I miss the days where you reached out to me all the time

Okay. I know this was like a year ago, even more. All of you. But, you suck. I don't get over things easily, and sometimes I remember everything in one night. Everything every person has done to me, and it's pretty sad. Maybe it's my problem but, I think it's yours. I think we all need to do this once in our life. So, cheers, here's a letter to you, yeah you, who broke my heart.

Dear You,

I have a problem; I never say anything when I have to. But, I'm saying it now and it honestly doesn't even matter that this is delayed (by years even). Let me get this straight for you: you can't pretend to love someone when you really don't. Heck, you can't pretend to love two people at once because, well, that's not love. Get your words straight. If you're infatuated with me, that's fine. Just don't say "I love you." I know you don't. Don't tell me "you care about me" in response to "I love you" and run away while you can. Stand up like a man, and just say it to my face. It'd be nice if you accounted my feelings in this too. You can't just pretend this is real and leave, without anything. We all make mistakes. But, no "Sorry" is inexcusable in my book. So go, actually, run because you'll never want to come back. You hurt me, sure. And I'll never be over the fact that you're an absolute jerk. The fact that I actually invested something in you. I have no faith in you and less in myself because I ever did in you. I'm better off without you. Better off without any of you. Oh, and fyi, I've never looked better even in baggy sweatpants. Thought you should know.

Sincerely, your biggest fan,

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