Thursday, May 28, 2009

sayy what?

so you know how i'm in the marching band? yeah, well basically something really weird happened, and like super suddnely...
one of my pretty close aquantinces joined it.
so I guess I have like friends in marching band now, which is like super weird man! like I have a friend? I know. you're weirded out too. :)

Anyways, some other things to blog about,
I love love love Audrey Hepburn, she made such an impression on the world. She was bright and she was beautiful and some of the things she said were truly inspiring.
I've discovered two new bands, Honor Society, parachute and Downtown something. I forgot. darn. anyways, my grandma is staring at me. she's still staring...

If there shall be nothing to talk of,
why shall you talk at all?

Monday, May 25, 2009

did you ever stop to smell the roses?

don't pretend you do. because I know you don't. I'm accusing you, sure, but I'm accusing myself of this crime too. Slow your life down, don't alwalys have something to do. Because if you do, what will your life be when you look back? It will only be full of busyness and stress, nothing notable to remember except maybe a few awards. But most people just busy themselves with shopping and the computer, why not busy yourself with yoga, meditation or excersise. Do something where you can think. Take a walk around your neighborhood and literally smell the flowers or vicariously smell the flowers through a great classic book. If you can just slow down and stop a while, you'll appreciate the great oppurtunities you are provided with and the things you have.


i've hauled out a few things....

i've hauled out a few (okay, more than a few) from the memorial day weekend sales, and I'm so very very very excited to share them all with you! I won't be able to provide pictures until later, or maybe i'll set up a youtube account and make videos for you guys (it seems like fun! my favorite stylish youtubers are ahanhbarbie34 and Michelle Phan they have great tips and are adorable!). Anyways, I went out to a less "rich" part of my area to find the best bargins, because there's alwalys a treasure wherever you look! I love the thrill of the find admist ripped up or hideous clothing! So let me list this out for you ...

From Dots...
$3 black and white wayfarers
$4 faux leather woven belt (waist cincher)

From AJ Wright...
$5 silver strappy sandals (i adoree them!!)
$18 madden girl sandals (black with gold studs)
$13 "high waisted skirt dress" (it's sort of like a white tank with a "belt" and a black and white checkered skirt)
$12 fringe bag in a veryyy pretty tan color
$10 for some AE sailor style shorts

From TJ Maxx...
$20 Liz Claborine bag in an adorable blue-green (real leather! on clearance x02375)
$130 off $400 for some random yellow bag - gift

From E.L.F. (online)... (i got a HUGE haul! a dollar for everything and 6.95 shipping and a 50% off online coupon!)
Black Nail Polish
Cream Eyeshadow in Black Licorice and Butter Pecan
Blushing, Bronzing and Blending Brush
Concealer Brush
Eyeshadow Brush
Eyelash Curler
All over Color stick in Light Beige and Persimmon
"brightning eye color" eye sahdow in Nouveau Naturals and Drama
Hypershine Gloss in Joy
Eyeliner in Plum (with sharpener)
The total? $13.45. I call that a deal!
I'll post a video and total review when I recieve it! pinky promise :)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

something totally inspiratinal.

what is something totally inspirational? I count on myself to discover this. what is truly good? and bad? What is life? Every person thinks of these questions, and no one discovers the true answer. But, I believe the true answer lies in your heart and someone Else's answer will not suffice in your mind. Someone Else's reasoning or thoughts will not match yours, because each individual person is their own and no one can change that. Every person has their own thoughts and way of thinking. So what's your meaning of life? I have my own definition, and I believe, that every person should have something of their own that they truly want to live up to. Because your success comes from your goals, and your meaning of life is your goal. Set your standards high.

Life \`līf\: completed when you finally finish understanding yourself and knowing that you've affected someone's life in a positive way.

WOW! (and some photos)

yo estoy enamorado. I'm in love. yes, i am. I'm doing a spanish project right now and feeling fat, the best time of the world. I have so much to blog about! First off, WOW! I was looking through JC Penny and found some stylish deals, like a $24.99 Boyfriend Blazer and a ton of adorable I Heart Charlotte Ronson clothing. I can't wait to buy it online and make a video for you guys!

Also, I went vintage thrift shopping today at the thrift store near my library. I bought $6 black boyfriend shorts from H&M (kiddie sized) and a $1 gap vintage leather kid belt that fits my waist.

Plus, I picniked a picture on and here it is... (DO NO STEAL! that's why it says christie's picture on it, so i get credit - even if you steal it. So if you're gonna steal it, pretty much stinks x209357 for you.) I made it seem like daylight and twilight at the same time, prettyy darn cool, hm? I'm thinking of fb profiling it? Maybe.

I'm in love with dance movies too! Especially the ballet ones, the only one I know of is "Centerstage" but it's my favorite movie and I'm not even thinking of watching the second one because I know it'll ruin it for me :)

Saturday, May 16, 2009


can anything get any worse? I shall vent to the internet, i guess, and whoever is reading this, which i doubt anyone is. First off, on my SAT II practice test, I got a 630, THAT IS HORRIBLE. Now i'm going to have to go cram every night, because this test is in 2 weeks, and if i dont' get a 700+ I"m screwed. Also, while I was taking the test, all my friends were at the Junior Prom with their dates. I'm dateless (no guys like me, ever) and my mom would never let me go. And after that, my dad screamed at me for forgeting my password, and I fell asleep on my bed, trying to run away from him. While I was moping on my bed, my friends were out clubbing some place. Lucky people.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

this is my lucky day...

actually, far from it, very very far from it. I basically killed my day, the minute i got home, i go on my computer, and guess what? I LOCKED IT AND FORGOT THE PASSWORD!! So what do I do? I have no idea, I"m screwed I guess. I"m on my sister's computer and i'm trying to hoard up passwords, but i doubt i'll figure it out. It's something to do with books/music/movies/tv, i know that much. But isn't that a wee bit broad?

Oh, and I can't believe Miss USA dropped her position, just because Miss. Cali. got to stay. Honestly, what a dumb girl. What has the US come to these days? Miss. California has an opinion, and I agree 100% with her for that, she should not be persecuted or humiliated for being herself and saying what she believes! What type of model are we giving our children anyways?

That's all for today, nothing much. Still weeping over my computer.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

look what i found

i found...
  • a bunch of stuff at forever 21, it's all gorgeous, and I WILL convince my mom to let me buy it all, because if i don't i'll melt and die. :D. The first picture is this olive green "expandable utilitarian bag" for $26. The second one is aviators, and the other is a white long tee, all of a sudden i have no basics in my closet anymore, it's quite sad.
    Forever 21 at ShopStyle

    Forever 21 at ShopStyle

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

my most recent fashion obsession

jean jackets, effortlessly cool with ruffles, amazing with anything. And yet, so many people don't own one, what a shame, but good thing - they're making a comeback. The cheap ones at forever 21 or wetseal, they just won't do, you should find a mid-ranged one that is made of quality fabric and will last forever. Good thing, because i've found a few for you.

New York and Company, City Style Denim Jacket, $19.99

New York & Co. at ShopStyle
Black Jean Jacket, Forever 21, $24.99
Forever 21 at ShopStyle

Mossimo Denim Jacket, $30
Mossimo at ShopStyle

Old Navy Denim Jacket, $29.50
Old Navy at ShopStyle

freebies for all!

yes, i said FREE STUFF, like the cheapest you can get. Free. I discovered a ton of new freebies, fashion-wise I mean.

Here are a few well-known and old ones:
1. Clothing Swaps
2. Hand-Me-Downs
3. Joining Sephora's "Beauty Insider" Program, you recieve a ton of discounts, emails and a free b-day gift.

Here a few new ones:

1. "Pink Nation": The Victoria's Secret Version of the Beauty Insider Program. Join and get a free coupon, right now!
2., if you subscribe to their mailing list, a free $25 dollar gift comes along, good for one year.

Monday, May 11, 2009

study, study, study

now who really has time for a life anyways? study your butt off, get good grades. and think of nothing else. that's my parent's motto. but i have friends (well, maybe, i can't be sure about that, i often wander the hallways of my high school alone with people snickering and whispering about me next to me), and things i love that aren't like school, such as music - listening, singing and violin, and dancing. So how am i supposed to balance these things, everything? what is the point of it all? to get more stress as you grow older? sometimes i feel like the potheads have it going on, but then i regret it, because i want a life that was wroth the living.

"An unexamined life is not worth living" -Socrates
I'd rather regret the things I have done than the things that I haven't. -Lucille Ball

Some food for thought.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

taylor momsen and leighton meester, singers?

who said I was jealous? haha, joking. little, 15 year old, taylor momsen is an amazing actor, model, and singer, triple threat and taking over the world. She's completely different then generic miley or demi lovato with her rocker feel and everything. But I guessed and know that she smokes, there's a couple videos all over youtube showing her smoking at some christmas party with ed westwick and chace crawford (he smokes? too bad). That's sorta horrible, she's ruinning everything with chace - I don't really care about ed.
Video Below with her new song played at the Annex with the Veronicas called "I f***ing Love You" which she wrote herself. But I must admit, I adore Taylor's style.

leighton meester's new single with cobra starship is called "Good Girls Go Bad." It's totally a mix of some very very popular songs (like Madonna's Bananas) and a ton of other songs. I guess it's her feel, totally different then Taylor's, but her voice is amaizng and strong :) This is such a party song, lovee it! You can look up her other songs called "Birthday" by New Republic ft. Leighton and Inside the Black. She's recording an album soon :)

anyways, i have another obsession, i mean other than obscure music that's a cross between techno, soul, rock and romantic mellow music ;) Haha, a guy has been texting me non-stop and he's kinda weird and ugly - and I don't think I like him, I hope not. I mean. Yeah. It's sorta weird. I just wish sometimes, that a guy would like me, someone who actually fits me or matches me, not some creep. I mean really - please one day? So for now, I'm not even thinking about guys right now and just focusing on finals and getting through school with straight A's and friends who aren't stupid potheads. good enough for me :)

you're looking so cool, you're looking so fly.

never shout never, one word. OBSESSION. I love Christofer Drew, he's the cutest cutie i've ever heard of. forget the fact that he smokes pot and gets high and is slightly funky. really, do it. and listen to this song and smile, because if you don't you're a egomastic human who doesn't contain emotions. TRUST ME :D Listen everyone, please?

"I'm happy knowing that you're mine, the grass is greener on the other side."

He has a new song out called Hummingbird too :). Get Obsessed, now.

P.S. I thought I broke my iPod, because I sprayed water all over it by putting it accidently under running water, and then I sat on it to dry it up, but then it fizzled. But then I turned it on again. woooohoo! Magic Lifesaver iPod. And my alarm clock keeps honking, stupid. post something later more interesting :)

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