Sunday, May 10, 2009

taylor momsen and leighton meester, singers?

who said I was jealous? haha, joking. little, 15 year old, taylor momsen is an amazing actor, model, and singer, triple threat and taking over the world. She's completely different then generic miley or demi lovato with her rocker feel and everything. But I guessed and know that she smokes, there's a couple videos all over youtube showing her smoking at some christmas party with ed westwick and chace crawford (he smokes? too bad). That's sorta horrible, she's ruinning everything with chace - I don't really care about ed.
Video Below with her new song played at the Annex with the Veronicas called "I f***ing Love You" which she wrote herself. But I must admit, I adore Taylor's style.

leighton meester's new single with cobra starship is called "Good Girls Go Bad." It's totally a mix of some very very popular songs (like Madonna's Bananas) and a ton of other songs. I guess it's her feel, totally different then Taylor's, but her voice is amaizng and strong :) This is such a party song, lovee it! You can look up her other songs called "Birthday" by New Republic ft. Leighton and Inside the Black. She's recording an album soon :)

anyways, i have another obsession, i mean other than obscure music that's a cross between techno, soul, rock and romantic mellow music ;) Haha, a guy has been texting me non-stop and he's kinda weird and ugly - and I don't think I like him, I hope not. I mean. Yeah. It's sorta weird. I just wish sometimes, that a guy would like me, someone who actually fits me or matches me, not some creep. I mean really - please one day? So for now, I'm not even thinking about guys right now and just focusing on finals and getting through school with straight A's and friends who aren't stupid potheads. good enough for me :)

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