Wednesday, May 20, 2009

something totally inspiratinal.

what is something totally inspirational? I count on myself to discover this. what is truly good? and bad? What is life? Every person thinks of these questions, and no one discovers the true answer. But, I believe the true answer lies in your heart and someone Else's answer will not suffice in your mind. Someone Else's reasoning or thoughts will not match yours, because each individual person is their own and no one can change that. Every person has their own thoughts and way of thinking. So what's your meaning of life? I have my own definition, and I believe, that every person should have something of their own that they truly want to live up to. Because your success comes from your goals, and your meaning of life is your goal. Set your standards high.

Life \`līf\: completed when you finally finish understanding yourself and knowing that you've affected someone's life in a positive way.

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