Thursday, March 31, 2011


I believe this is a crossroad
Two choices, that lead to two different lives
One that follows your selfish desires
Or one that follows someone else’s
My heart whines with voices,
I should be hearing some, and not others,
But they are jumbled together
Into a cacophonous melody
I cannot decipher my true desires,
And those of Him. 

Monday, March 14, 2011

Running before you can catch them..

Some things run before you can catch them
and leave before you can say goodbye.

overlooking things is so easy. life moves too quickly. slow it down for yourself.
i definitely need to live without regrets,

i'm really into feather extensions nowa days. With my luck, pulling them off will be difficult, but this girl looks fabulouuuuusss :)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Take it Easy


"Take It Easy"

far, you're just so far
but why do I feel you?
as though you're sitting right next to me
but maybe I'm just trying to satisfy this compromise

and maybe while I play this guitar
you'll show up in my view
telling me not to worry
then I wake up and find my way back to reality

I hear the clock, it's ticking
late at night it's teasing me - oooo
I can feel the pressure
seeping deep inside of me

take it easy
go right ahead & don't forget to breathe
though it's not all that perfect
it's not always "make it or break it"
take it easy
go on ahead, don't be afraid to feel
no, i don't have all the answers
but as long as we're together
i'm GOnna take it easy

what have I become?
am I still the same me?
Is this the place where I want to be?
Wherever I go I try to find a place -
a home for my heart's rhythm

hear the clock, it's tickin'
late at night it's callin' me - ooooh
I can see the future
that is where you're taking me

take my time, enjoy the ride (take it easy)
we'll be fine, all will align - take it... take it... take it...

©2011 all rights reserved.
I've been obsessed with this song, it's really inspirational. I love melissa polinar! Anyways, I've been really caught up with school work and other drama (UGH), the SATs are this Saturday, more videos and blog posts after.

I pinky promise! :)

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