Sunday, July 31, 2011

Back to School Series: Pretty Little Liars

I've got a secret, can you keep it? 

This year, for my back to school series, I'm doing four pretty little liars inspired videos (one for each main character). If you don't watch this show currently, or at least don't know about it, go watch it or read the books! Both the TV show and the novels are surprisingly suspenseful and extremely captivating (and addictive!). Each main character (Spencer, Emily, Aria and Hannah) have their own unique reactions, situations, problems and of course, style. I determined what I would do in each tutorial based off of what they wear on the show (in terms of both clothing and makeup) and their personalities. Each video will contain 3 parts – a makeup tutorial, a hair tutorial and a fashion outfit. Also, for y’all blog readers out there, I will be making a detailed post per character for each video. There will be explanations for the choices I made in the video, more pictures (for closer looks at what I was doing), and other ideas for other ways to get inspired looks by these characters. Remember, each tutorial is an inspired tutorial. I simply chose to do it this way (instead of exactly copying a picture) because their hair and makeup are all very similar. 

Read more for detailed explanations of all characters and videos-

Friday, July 29, 2011

Current Inspirations

These are the things that are currently inspiring me. It's a combination of a few things but generally, retro and vintage photo shoots, dark makeup, and black and white.

Emma Watson is a stunner!

Online Portfolio

Although I don't claim to be completely a professionally trained MUA, I do hope that I can take my skills somewhere in the future. In the mean time, I have taken all the photos I have (from mini photo shoots and the like) of my work and put it on this website. I hope you will enjoy and check it out!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Whatta Coolcat




Some pictures from my latest BTS fashion video. 

Dress: French Connection
Rope Belt: Unknown (really old)
Wrap Bracelet: Gift (made for me)
Aviators: From a friend
Shoes: Madden Girl

Blazer: Sashimi (nordstrom)
bracelets: gift - charlotte russe
Locket: F21
Shoes: Keds

It Cosmetics Bye Bye Undereye Concealer - Neutral Medium


The It Cosmetics Bye Bye Undereye Concealer ($24.00 for 0.28 fl.oz) is one this brands most famous products (go figure!). You can purchase it here. These are the claims this company makes.
Working hand in hand with the leading plastic surgeons in Brazil, It Cosmetics introduces Bye Bye Under Eye, a full coverage, highly pigmented concealer utilizing truly innovative technology and ingredients – giving women the power to finally say “bye bye” to those stubborn under-eye issues!
Bye Bye Under Eye offers a waterproof, yet moisturizing formula that will stay put no matter what. The truly innovative formula contains high concentrations of Vitamins K, A, C, E and Collagen - clinically proven to reduce under eye puffiness and discoloration while strengthening the delicate skin of the under eye area.
These are the major claims that this concealer makes. These are extremely high claims - a full coverage, waterproof concealer that also reduces puffiness and strenghtens your under eye area? That sounds like a miracle concealer. I honestly can not say that it has improved my eye area that much. But, I don't use this concealer consistently. I have been using this concealer on and off (partly because I don't need concealer 24/7) for about one month now. I have personally found that this concealer applies best with a brush (maybe a traditional concealer brush or a fluffy eye brush like the MAC 217 or 222) and that when you try to blend this concealer out with your fingers it tugs at the delicate eye area. The concealer is made a drier and tackier texture than your traditional concealers. ....
the rest of the review and swatches after the jump!

Friday, July 22, 2011

sunlight and black and white

B9dAHe on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs
i thought i'd enjoy my first attempt at .gif -ing. slight fail i might add considering i didn't have a load of pictures of someone/me/anything in the same spot with a slight variation. 

Red Carpet Worthy Mila Kunis Inspired Smokey Eye

Of all the celebrities out there, there are only a few who can pull off the intense black eyeliner, dark smokey eye look. For people like Mila Kunis (and Kim Kardashian) this look ehances their features. (Fun Fact: I've always thought Mila Kunis looked like a pretty wolf-lady) Anyways, in this tutorial, I teach you how to achieve Mila Kunis's perfect smokey eye. She has been wearing this look almost everywhere, and I can see why. It's the perfect amount of darkness for a night out. This can be worn to proms, parties or even for just going out. Mila Kunis has a new movie coming out, "Friends with Benefits" with Justin Timberlake (Fri- July 22, 2011)

You will need..
Foundation/Complexion Perfector + Powder
Eye Primer (Bare Study Paintpot by MAC)
Eye Brow Pencil (Universal Brow Pencil by Billion Dollar Brows*)
Warm toned light-medium Brown (Mink e/s by Covergirl)
Dark Brown Kohl Eyeliner (Rimmer Eyeliner in Sable Brown)
Dark Matte Brown e/s (Outer Corner shade of Designer Chocolates Quad by Maybelline)
Flat Shader Brush (CPC 252*)
Shimmery White e/w (Browbone shade of Designer Chocolate Quad by Maybelline)
Black Gel Eyeliner (Tarina Tarintino Magic Hour Cream Shadow in Black Diamond)
Black Eye Pencil -preferably very intense black (Milani Liquif'eye Pencil in Black)
Matte Black e/s (Wet n' Wild Greed Palette)
Angled Eyeliner Brush (*)
Eyelash Curler and Mascara (Covergirl Natureluxe Mascara in Black/Brown)
False Eyelashes (Model 21 False Lashes in No. 19T*)
Eyelash Glue (Duo Lash Adhesive)
Peach-Coral Cheek Color (ELF Contouring and Blushing Palette - also recommend Coralista and NYC Plaza Pink)
Nude Lipgloss (Sally Hansen l/g)

Step 1: Even out your complexion with Foundation and set with powder to reduce shininess when pictures are taken with flash
2: Apply a primer all over the lid area into the browbone
3: Fill in brows with brow pencil
4: Apply light-medium shimmery brown shade in crease with dome shaped crease brush
5: Create a thick, messy line of brown eyeliner on upper lashline, smudge a little.
6: Apply matte brown all over lid, blend into crease
7: Dust shimmery white onto browbone and into inner corners with a fluffy brush
8: Apply Gel liner to upper lashline
9: Apply black pencil liner to waterline and tightliner. Make sure to go all the way into the inner corners.
10: Smudge matte black eyeshadow onto lower lashline
11: Curl lashes and apply mascara
12: Apply False lashes
13: Apply Blush and l/s and l/g
14: Done!
 (more pictures after the jump)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Look for Less- Ankle Booties

DV by Dolce Vita Bailey Desert Boots (click to purchase) $79.99

Mossimo Supply Co. Khadeja Suede Bootie in Taupe (Click to Buy) $29.99

These shoes are surprisingly similar. It freaks me out a little bit. Just because, I was planning on buying the first pair, and saw the ones below when I went errand shopping with my mother. Although I haven't bought either yet, The similarities are striking. The only difference between the two (besides slight color variations) is the heel height of the Dolce Vita pair is 1/4 of an inch taller. They're both made of suede, although quality difference will probably show. Anyways, just thought I should do a quick one of these, there are whole blogs devoted to this kind of thing (if you're interested). Blogs like are actually quite good at these kind of things if you like them.  

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

ELF Hypershine Gloss (Blossom) - Review and Swatches

The ELF Hypershine Gloss in the color blossom (which can be purchased here or at Target locations) is a sheer, orange toned pink lipgloss. It has a sheer, creme finish and is more clear than anything. Also, the color itself in the tube, is an peach, orange, pink color. It isn't very complex and can probably be found in many different other places (dupes) but then again, this color can dupe many higher end products. Although I do find creme finish lipglosses the most flattering type of lipgloss, they are some of the most common types. It is not especially glossy. The smell is a mix of vanilla and some sort of old children's candy. Although it is not the most appealing scent, it is not the worst scent in the world. Although some despise the pen applicator type packaging, I personally have a strange liking for it. Although the buildup of bacteria is extremely valid, that is not a huge issue for me. Any sort of makeup will have bacteria buildup in it honestly, whether it is a wand applicator or a sort of powder. It is not going to be particularly harmful, so I don't see any honest problems medically with this sort of packaging. I like it, for some odd reason, because when I was younger, I thought this type of packaging and the pot lipglosses/lipsticks were the coolest thing since slice bread - seriously. I would search all over for some types of lipglosses in this packaging. Now that I'm older, I can't bring myself to hate this type of packaging. The packaging feels less cheap than the rest and I've had another color of this type of gloss for a year or so, and the packaging held up well. I had it in the color joy, if you're wondering. In terms of quality of gloss and stickiness, it is only slightly sticky -but take into account that it is not particularly pigmented nor glossy. Also, it's staying power is below average. Way below average - I'd say about 2 hours maximum. This color is comparable to a bunch of other pink creme finish glosses - yet I can't think of one exactly. If I do, I'll edit this post and add those glosses that I think are very similar.

Packaging: 6/10

Final Thoughts: I'd say, overall, this is a good to average gloss. It offers nothing special when compared to high end glosses or even drugstore glosses yet, consider the cheap price tag. Prepare for sheer color, an only slightly glossy finish, and not much stickiness. I'd recommend this gloss to the gloss lovers out there who love a non sticky gloss but, do remember that sticky glosses mean staying power.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Beaches and Sunshine

This is just a photo diary of things I did yesterday. My family came over from all over the place on both my parents' sides. My family all live extremely far away, so we don't get a chance to get to know each other very often. But, surprisingly, things didn't go as badly as I expected. On our last day together, we visited one of the many beaches around me. 

 Whenever I go to the beach, I always start dancing. It's a little bizarre. 

Saturday, July 16, 2011

How to: Waterfall Braid

This braid is a simple twist on a half up french braid. It's actually super easy to achieve and perfect for any season. Try it out!

ELF Custom Quads - The Quad, Eyeshadows in Pink Ice and Moondust

These ELF custom quads ($1 at here or Target locations) are extremely handy little compacts. The outside of this compact which holds 4 MAC sized eye shadows or any of the ELF custom compact lip/cheek/eye products is a white plastic material that is surprisingly sturdy. The only logo on it is a silver "Eyeslipsface" logo on the front, center of the packaging. This features a large mirror that will definitively satisfy any travel makeup touch ups/needs. Besides this, the underside of where you'd place the magnets is also mirrored. It comes with a small dual ended generic eye shadow applicator and lip brush. I've never used this, but I'm sure the quality isn't pristine. I've found this packaging to be sturdier than my MAC quad (shown in comparision in pictures below). I'd honestly say there are no downfalls to this quad. I've owned one for over a year and have seen no quality faults or major problems with it as of yet. It is still going strong.

Product: 9/10
Packaging: 9/10
Value: 10/10
Pigmentation: N/A

Final Thoughts: This is a great quad to store your eye shdaows in. It is considerably sturdier and cheaper ($1 v. $6) than the MAC quads. Turn to this for travel makeup purposes to store any shadows that are 26mm.

The ELF Pink Ice Eyeshadow (can be found at similar locations as the quad itself) is a shimmery, baby pink ice shadow with noticeable gold shimmer/glitters in it. Although the glitters themself are not overly large, the shadow itself has an extremely powdery, almost chunky feel. I also find that this shadow applies with a decent amount of pigmentation. Yet, like with most cheaper eye shadows, this particular shadow has less pigmentation when applied to the lid and looks almost matte because of its powdery texture. I also find that the fallout is considerable. I use this shadow as a highlight shade instead of a lid color (as some would believe it to be used as). Becuase of its matte looking finish and more powdery texture, I find that this is applied most smoothly and looks best right under the brow bone when applied with a fluffy brush (like a fluffy angled brush - MAC ). It does finish off my look nicely and I have turned to this shadow for a natural brow bone highlight. Other than for this purpose, I have found no other use for this shadow. I had expected to use it as a lid shadow, and obviously this didn't happen. This shade does not appear true to its pan shade on the lid. These shadows all stay in the ELF Quad well, and I've had no problems with them falling out. This means that the magnets are securely in place. There are no shadows in my collection that are completely like this shadow but, I'd say it is similar in versaility to Naked Lunch by MAC except that shadow is more golden, and more shimmery. Also, a Yogurt by MAC eyeshadow dupe in the Wet n' Wild Lust Palette is similar in finish to this shadow except it is more pigmented and silkier in texture.

Product: 4/10
Packaging: 4/10
Value: 5/10
Pigmentation: 2/10

Final Thoughts: Although this is certinaly not the best eye shadow in the world, it does its job. It effectively highlights my brow bone although I do see many of its down falls such as powderiness and light pigmentation. The quality on this eye shadow really doesnt shine through completely. Yet, I do see this as a decent brow highlight yet, I do not turn to this shadow often.

The ELF Eyeshadow in Moondust (can be purchased at similar places) is a mid toned brown with a silver sheen. This shadow is of a slightly higher quality than the Pink Ice shadow featured above. But, the sheen (or shimmers) does not show up when applied on the lid. I do find that this shadow is less chalky, and has a less powdery texture. Yet, pigmentation is not much better and I do find that the texture is more a hard, almost dry feeling texture. I know it unusual to describe powder shadows as creamy vs. dry yet, I know plenty of eye shadows that are just these things. Quite honestly, there is nothing very unique about this shadow. It appears just to be a cool toned, matte textured, medium brown shadow with a slight powderiness to its texture. I do not use this shadow often. But, when I do, I use it as a crease shadow, and in the outer V if I want a particularly natural look. When you use a shadow in your crease or outer V to darken the look and add dimension to your eyes, looking for creamy, blendable shadows is key. This shadow was dry in the fact that it did not blend easily and only after vigirous blending with a MAC 224 did it blend out. I was not particularly pleased with this shadow but, there is nothing to complain about other than the cons I mentioned before.

Product: 3/10
Packaging: 4/10
Value: 4/10
Pigmentation: 3/10

Final Thoughts: Although a passable shadow for beginners, or those simply looking to use this a few times, I'd say pass on this shadow and pick up something a few dollars more expensive for better everything. The quality really just wasn't there.

(more pictures and swatches of these products after the jump)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

ELF Lipstick (Seductive) - Review and Swatches

The ELF Lipstick in the shade Seductive (sold here and at Target locations for $1) is a mid toned pink toned coral. It has a matte finish with neither glitters nor gloss when applied to the lips. The texture is slightly dry but isn't overall dry to the point where your lips feel as if they will flake off. It is a typical texture of a matte lipstick but, I didn't expect it to be a matte. Although the finish is not described on the packaging nor the website, I had assumed a cheaper lipstick would not be created in a matte formula. I was surprised by the finish it gives but I am not upset over the finish because I rather like it. The color is darker than my more pigmented lips so, if you are extremely pale and have quite pale lips, this color may looks slightly drastic on you. Also, remember, that this is a warm toned coral with a lot of pink undertones in it. Pink works on most skin tones but I'd personally reccomend this for warmer skin tones because it seems to give the opposite effect on me of what a cool toned lavender would do. It is surprisingly pigmented for its price where there is only slight streakiness sometimes. Although this product is not like a smooth creemsheen product from MAC or a YSL lipstick (because of its matte texture), and it does slightly tug at your lips if you try to glide it on, it does have a satisfactory texture and finish. I do like the color on my own skin tone - it's like an enhancement to my own lip color. The packaging, like the rest of these dollar ELF products, is poor. I find that the top of my lipstick gets smashed against the top of the cap a lot because the lipstick easily twists while closed. Also, this lipstick has opened a few times in my bag- making a slight mess. I find that the smell is of a sort of artificial fruity/watermelon type and is very refreshing but, I could see some people disliking it. By looks, the packaging is just a sleek silver package yet, I feel as if the twisting mechanisms may come off its hinges one day and break. I saw that it was somewhat similar to MAC's Viva Glam Cyndi but that lipstick has a lustre finish and is more red toned.

Product: 5/10
Packaging: 2/10
Value: 6/10
Pigmentation: 5/10

Final Thoughts:  All, in all a great lipstick for those looking for a value lipstick. It has a matte finish which slightly tugs at your lips. I'd recommend this to beginners or those who don't want to spend the money on a more adventurous color like a coral although, I do not believe this color is very intense or different from many other colors out there.

(swatches and more pictures after the jump)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Selena Gomez + Justin Bieber 2 in 1 Date Look - Makeup and Fashion

video will be up soon!

Sweater: August Silk
Shirt: Hollister
Jeans: R&R
Wedges: RL (Ralph Lauren)
Gold Swirl Ring: RL
Gold Ring: I have no idea..
Silver Necklace: Again.. Clueless about its origins

Thursday, July 7, 2011

ELF Day 2 Night Quad - Review and Swatches

The ELF Day 2 Night Quad (Can be found here or at various Target locations for $1) is an eyeshadow quad with four neutral, slightly smokey shades. It includes a shimmery gold pearlized off white, a dark, deepened purple with a definite sheen and slight multicolored micro-glitters, a black with a slight silver shimmer and an extremely shimmery medium-light taupe shade. I find that only some of these shadows reach my standards. The shimmery off white and the taupe shade have an obviously different finish yet, are very similar in finish to each other. They are more shimmery, pearlized and are a lot softer to the touch and when applied. I find these are also more pigmented but have a lot of fall out. I find that I need about three or four layers of the taupe shade with a MAC 239 on my lids to reach the opacity I like. These shadows are easy to blend but, I do find that they blend away a little too easily. In terms of the two middle shades (purple and black) I find that they are tougher when swatched on my hands and are a lot harder to blend out when used as a crease color or an outer color shade. These shades are also less pigmented and I find them almost an annoyance to use when I try them out. They do not blend easily enough and the finish when applied to the lid is matte. The black appears more like a darker grey on the lids.  I find that when I used my ELF eyeshadow primer these shadows lasted for about 5 hours without fading. When I used my bare study paintpot from MAC, they lasted slightly longer at about 6 hours. These shadows are some of the cheapest shadows you can find - they are $1 for 4 different shades. I do find that the packaging is slightly flimsy and is made out of a cheap plastic material. The lid seems very flimsy and the given applicator is scratchy. Although they are smaller than most shadows in quads - there is no specific .oz given on the packaging or the website. The taupe shade is lighter than MAC's Satin Taupe and less purple. It is also more pink, and slightly lighter than Wet n' Wild's Nutty.

Product: 4/10
Packaging: 3/10
Value: 6/10
Pigmentation: 3/10

Final Thoughts:  The two purple and black shades bring down both the pigmentation and product severely. If i simply judged the outer two shades, I would've given the product a 5/10. This is definitely my favorite option and I do not reach for this quad daily - unless I'm looking for these particular shades. If you are looking for some below average yet, overall okay eyeshadow quads for a good price, try these.

(more photos and ingredients after the jump)

New Scent from Bath and Body Works! - Paris Amour

I hardly ever follow all those limited edition scents from B&BW. They're almost worse than MAC when it comes to limited edition collections. Yet, I popped my head in recently when they were having a Buy 3,  Get 3 free sale of some sort. There's this new scent, it's called Paris Amour and will be released in August of 2011. It claims to have..
Top notes:
Sparkling Mandarin, Petite Strawberry, Cassis, Pink Apple Blossom, Dewy Freesia

Mid notes:
Luscious Peach, Jasmine Petals, French Tulip, Water Lily, Frangipani

Drydown notes:
French Vanilla, Coconut Milk, Amber Wood, Sandalwood, Creamy Musk

From B&BW: Paris Amour is the perfect scent for the fall. The essence of a woman who isn’t afraid of spontaneous adventure. Feminine and romantic,Paris Amour captures those first fleeting moments of falling in love: stolen glances from a beautiful stranger, a stroll down the Champs-Elysees, the unforgettable kiss.

The latest addition to the Signature CollectionParis Amour evokes the enchanting spirit of the namesake city. Envelop yourself inParisian allure every day with a blend of sweet sparkling florals andwarm, creamy muskA part of Bath & Body Works’ “Romantic” collection, Paris Amour is formulated to make you feel elegant, beautiful and chic.

I'm a huge fan of the top and middle notes, I always love myself a good fruity, floral scent. Yet, I'm not so sure how I feel about coconut and vanilla being in the bottom notes. I'm a fan of neither but, hopefully the combination will only enhance the muskiness of the other drydown scents. 

Now that that's over with, can we just look at the packaging? LOOK! It's absolutely beautiful. I'm going to have to get the perfume, because the packaging is just so cute. Everything. I'm not a huge pink person, or rainbow person at that. But this reminds me of one of my favorite cartoons when I was little. And yes, being the good asian I was, they were My Little Pony, Dragon Tales, Clifford, Cyberchase and some Japenese one about animal girls (there was lots of glitter and rainbows, and cupcakes!). Oh! I forgot pokemon.. how could I? 

Products include: Shower Gel ($10.50), Body Lotion ($10.50), Fragrance Mist ($12.50), Eau de Toilette ($29.50), Bubble Bath ($12.00), Shimmer Mist ($14.00), Select A Shimmer ($14.00) 

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Reviews and Swatches of my makeup collection

I've decided that I want to start reviewing and swatching all of my makeup for you guys. Not only will it organize my makeup for myself and let me know what I think of each product but, it will also help me realize what I have and don't have. I also think this is helpful for people out there who are thinking about trying products from that brand or so on. I've decided to organize it by brand and then by whether it is an eyes, lips, faces, or a cheek product. I'm not quite sure how I'll organize it all, it's all very confusing to me. I'm still figuring that out. But, it will hopefully be helpful to both you and me!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

One of those analogies

Solving our lives is like solving a Rubiks cube with an algorithm. You can only get so far before you give up. Yet, this effort is enough, because you almost get there. It is almost complete. But, you never achieve perfection - Nine identical perfect colored cubes lined up in rows. Somehow, I'm completely fine with being almost perfect.

Oh, If you'd like to solve a Rubiks Cube - watch the following video. Maybe you'll learn the secret to life through it.

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