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ELF Custom Quads - The Quad, Eyeshadows in Pink Ice and Moondust

These ELF custom quads ($1 at here or Target locations) are extremely handy little compacts. The outside of this compact which holds 4 MAC sized eye shadows or any of the ELF custom compact lip/cheek/eye products is a white plastic material that is surprisingly sturdy. The only logo on it is a silver "Eyeslipsface" logo on the front, center of the packaging. This features a large mirror that will definitively satisfy any travel makeup touch ups/needs. Besides this, the underside of where you'd place the magnets is also mirrored. It comes with a small dual ended generic eye shadow applicator and lip brush. I've never used this, but I'm sure the quality isn't pristine. I've found this packaging to be sturdier than my MAC quad (shown in comparision in pictures below). I'd honestly say there are no downfalls to this quad. I've owned one for over a year and have seen no quality faults or major problems with it as of yet. It is still going strong.

Product: 9/10
Packaging: 9/10
Value: 10/10
Pigmentation: N/A

Final Thoughts: This is a great quad to store your eye shdaows in. It is considerably sturdier and cheaper ($1 v. $6) than the MAC quads. Turn to this for travel makeup purposes to store any shadows that are 26mm.

The ELF Pink Ice Eyeshadow (can be found at similar locations as the quad itself) is a shimmery, baby pink ice shadow with noticeable gold shimmer/glitters in it. Although the glitters themself are not overly large, the shadow itself has an extremely powdery, almost chunky feel. I also find that this shadow applies with a decent amount of pigmentation. Yet, like with most cheaper eye shadows, this particular shadow has less pigmentation when applied to the lid and looks almost matte because of its powdery texture. I also find that the fallout is considerable. I use this shadow as a highlight shade instead of a lid color (as some would believe it to be used as). Becuase of its matte looking finish and more powdery texture, I find that this is applied most smoothly and looks best right under the brow bone when applied with a fluffy brush (like a fluffy angled brush - MAC ). It does finish off my look nicely and I have turned to this shadow for a natural brow bone highlight. Other than for this purpose, I have found no other use for this shadow. I had expected to use it as a lid shadow, and obviously this didn't happen. This shade does not appear true to its pan shade on the lid. These shadows all stay in the ELF Quad well, and I've had no problems with them falling out. This means that the magnets are securely in place. There are no shadows in my collection that are completely like this shadow but, I'd say it is similar in versaility to Naked Lunch by MAC except that shadow is more golden, and more shimmery. Also, a Yogurt by MAC eyeshadow dupe in the Wet n' Wild Lust Palette is similar in finish to this shadow except it is more pigmented and silkier in texture.

Product: 4/10
Packaging: 4/10
Value: 5/10
Pigmentation: 2/10

Final Thoughts: Although this is certinaly not the best eye shadow in the world, it does its job. It effectively highlights my brow bone although I do see many of its down falls such as powderiness and light pigmentation. The quality on this eye shadow really doesnt shine through completely. Yet, I do see this as a decent brow highlight yet, I do not turn to this shadow often.

The ELF Eyeshadow in Moondust (can be purchased at similar places) is a mid toned brown with a silver sheen. This shadow is of a slightly higher quality than the Pink Ice shadow featured above. But, the sheen (or shimmers) does not show up when applied on the lid. I do find that this shadow is less chalky, and has a less powdery texture. Yet, pigmentation is not much better and I do find that the texture is more a hard, almost dry feeling texture. I know it unusual to describe powder shadows as creamy vs. dry yet, I know plenty of eye shadows that are just these things. Quite honestly, there is nothing very unique about this shadow. It appears just to be a cool toned, matte textured, medium brown shadow with a slight powderiness to its texture. I do not use this shadow often. But, when I do, I use it as a crease shadow, and in the outer V if I want a particularly natural look. When you use a shadow in your crease or outer V to darken the look and add dimension to your eyes, looking for creamy, blendable shadows is key. This shadow was dry in the fact that it did not blend easily and only after vigirous blending with a MAC 224 did it blend out. I was not particularly pleased with this shadow but, there is nothing to complain about other than the cons I mentioned before.

Product: 3/10
Packaging: 4/10
Value: 4/10
Pigmentation: 3/10

Final Thoughts: Although a passable shadow for beginners, or those simply looking to use this a few times, I'd say pass on this shadow and pick up something a few dollars more expensive for better everything. The quality really just wasn't there.

(more pictures and swatches of these products after the jump)

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