Saturday, March 27, 2010

Makeup of the Day - 3/28/10

I recently posted a video on my youtube channel showing a step by step tutorial of my everyday spring makeup, which I have been dilligently sticking ot for a week. But, if any of you know me well enough, I get bored with makeup quickly. I dont use makeup to perfect my face, I use it because it's fun to play with colors. Anyways, instead of using the "boring - old" makeup I have been using since last week, I reverted back to my everday winter makeup yet again. But, I do have a valid excuse for this. I have been feeling a little under the weather lately and the temperatures have dropped yet again. The 40s is not a great time to be wearing colorful eyeshadow for me. It's a time to revert back to those neutrals, plum blushes and deeper lips as well as some hot cocoa. So, instead of sticking to my "purple-naural shadow" technique as I have been, I reverted to the following for my day of bargain hunting:

Everday Minerals Pressed Powder Foundation in Golden Light: This foundation is quick and easy. Although I am a huge fan of sensitive -friendly mineral makeup, the sifters and loose powders are SUCH a hassle. Seriously, traveling wiht any kind of loose powders should have an immediate spillage warning sign. Never EVER travel with loose powders. Since, I am a busy girl, I do like to keep all my makeup and bags hassle free - so I found this pressed foundation from everyday minerals. The color is a little too light to my face (I should have gotten Golden Medium) but, I do like it becuase it's sheer enough not to look cakey but it also gives a nice light-medium coverage.
Prestige Eyeliner Pencil: This is your average black eyeliner pencil. I smudged it across my upper lash line. Although this liner has little to no staying power (it fades in about 2 hours) I do like the look of a softer eyeliner. I wouldn't suggest using this pencil on a water/tight line because it defintely wouldn't stay longer than 15 minutes. This is a cheap $3.00 eyeliner that was one of my first eyeliner pencils. Because of that, I just want to finish it up - as fast as I can.
VS Lipgloss: Unknown Name. I'm not a huge fan of this lipgloss, or the Beauty Rush lipglosses in particular. Actually, I'm not a huge fan of lipgloss. I know that sounds weird coming from a teenager, but i feel like it makes you looks so overdone and not very natural. Basically, in my mind I relate lipgloss with being un-classy. But, I do wear this occasionally - in which I use it very very lightly. I am about 1/2 way finished with this lipgloss and am trying to finish this product up as well. Anyways, I used this lightly over a few other lip products - it's a sheer light hot pink color that really just comes off as glittery/shine with a slight pink coloring.
Pur Minerals Blush in Plum Adamite: A plummy blush that adds a nice warm glow to your cheeks. I applied this blush with an Eco Tools Blush Brush lightly onto my apples (and sweeping into my temples) and also added a little bit more to contour my cheeks.
Smith's Rosebud Salve: Best Lipbalm/Lip Butter/Lip Moisturizer Ever. It's about $6 at sephora, I'm a huge fan of the original rosebud and am trying to hit pan on this lovelyy product. It hydrates your lips and gives you a nice scent. I used this above my Honeycat lipbalm (which exfoliates), and underneath the Lipgloss, Lipliner and Lipstick.
Honey Cat Cosmetics Warming Lipbalm: Cinnamon Lipbalm which was used as an exfoliant underneath Smith's Rosebud Salve to prime my lips and to prevent flaking.
Revlon Colorstay Sheer Lipstick in Sheer Peach: This lipstick is amazing! I adore it, It's sheer and provides enough sparkle and shine so it isn't necessary to wear gloss. Although staying power (and obviously color) aren't a pro in this, it is ann amazing color! It adds a gay shade of peach to anyone! I applied this over the Salve and Lipbalm.
JAM Cosmetics Lipliner in Pink Muave: Applied underneath the Lipstick. I lined my lips with this and then filled them in to keep my lipstick in place. This color is a pretty pink/muave and gives a good darker base for my lips.
Clinique Lash Doubling Mascara: One of my all time favorite mascaras. I adore this brush (cone shaped) and it gives good volume and length. I only applied a little on the outer corners after curling my lashes and on my lower lash line.
NARS Concealer Duo in Custard/Ginger: I used this concealer under my powder (I used custard) to prevent my dark shadows.
Maybelline Chai Latte Quad (Everything but outer corner color): This is probably my favorite drugstore eyshadow quad - ever. Maybelline and Covergirl probably make some of the best quads in the drugstore market at the moment. I used the light brown, golden bronze and shimmery highlight today. The outer corner color was a little too dark for my minimal eyelook. Defintely check out all maybelline eyeshadows! I placed the each color where it was labeled to be placed - these quads are almost foolproof.

The Video Mentioned Above for my Spring Everday Makuep:

Sunday, March 21, 2010

5 Random Facts About Me

I know this is a pretty famous tag on youtube, I actually filmed it once, but the sun was giving me this horrid glare in which my face was of the greenish variety. Not very attractive. An OOTD coming up probably, I'm hoping for some artistic pictures for my all of 6 followers - who I hope read my various posts :) Also, to update you guys again, I've been going crazy over one tutorial. I've decided to change up my tutorials a little bit to make them more unique - and more me. For a while now, I've felt like i've been trying to copy some other guru on youtube. But I dont want to do that anymore, I dont' want to be juicystar07 or meganheartsmakeup. I want to make my own stamp and mark on my followers, I dont want to be another clone. I respect all the large gurus out there for being them, thats who they are - noone should take that away from them! It's hard to stick to yourself and be unique, but I'm going to try to do that. With that said, my tutorials aren't going to be me speaking in the videos any longer, although that does give me a little more connection, I feel like tutorials aren't there to create a connection with the viewers (although some gurus are able to accomplish this), they are there to help you guys out and inspire you guys. Inspiration is a very important thing to me, I was inspiring not by the various youtube gurus (where honestly, no offense to any gurus reading this, but many - not all - seem very 2-D) but by the various fashion bloggers. No, not the youtube guru turned fashion blogger. I'm talking tavi from,, These girls blog and are inspired because they absolutely LOVE fashion for what it is. Their passion is so overwhelming that they inspire you. Sometimes, those youtube girls seem so flat, lifeless - like they make videos out of obligation or for the free products companies offer them. No. It shouldn't be like that. but, sadly - it is. Perhaps, if i compared it to a religious issue, it would make more sense - but of course in no way at ALL is the "youtube situation" as horrid as the situation of the world's church of God right now.
So here are another bazillon facts about me :)
1. I'm deathly scared of razors, knives and hospitals.
2. I'm considered a failure to my family.
3. I hate fake people, even though I kind of am one.
4. I think everyone deserves some love.
5. It's hard for me to express a lot of feeling and be the typical "sensitive" girl who crys at everything. I"m defintely not that, I try to hide my feelings and sometimes I even get pissed a lot.


It's finally spring! can you guys believe it? I defintely can't!! It's been around the low-mid seventies where I live and I am praying for another week of amazing weather! If you guys want an update on my life, and why my videos (and posts for that matter) have been lacking, I have a perfectly reasonable reason why. I tried out for and joined the varisty badmitton team.

so here is my comprehensive spring wishlist for right now, this may grow though...

Full N' Soft Mascara
L'oreal Telescopic (Normal) Mascara
Maybelline Gel Liner in Black
MAC Fluidline in BlackTrack
MAC Liberty of London Shell Pearl BP
MAC Ricepaper/Shroom e/s
MAC Vex e/s
Covergirl Outlast Lipstain
Stila Lipglazes and Lipstains
Benefit High Beam
Korres Face Primer
Covergirl Clean Foundation
Revlon Colorstay Foundation
L'oreal Lineur Intense
Covergirl Trio in Shimmering Sands
Maybelline Palette in Sunbaked Neutrals
Opaque Gold Nailpolish
MAC Cream Blush in LadyBlush

Ponds Cold Cream
Aveeno Foaming Cleanser
Neutrogena Eye Makeup Remover Lotion
Lancome Makeup Remover
LUSH Products
ROC Eyecream

Tresemme Dry Shampoo
Pantene Shampoo
Biolage Matrix Hair Mask
Jeweled Hair Combs (think Chanel Spring 2010)
Braided Headbands

Florals (esp. Baby Florals)
A green Bag
Long Funky Necklaces
Button Down Shirts!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Tips for Monolid Makeup

I, unlike many Asians, have a normal eyelid - where I have a prominent browbone, crease and lid. Although my lid is significantly smaller than the average person's, I do have an obvious crease to place my shadows in. Therefore, makeup application and easily following Youtube videos is never a problem for me, but many of my friends and girls I have done makeup on have a problem with that. Here are some tips so that everyone, including monolids can wear their favorite eyshadows.

1. Reverse Crease
Instead of placing a lighter color on your lid to reflect light and a darker color into your crease to create the "3D effect". Instead, reverse this. Place the darker lid as a thin horzontal strip across your eyelid instead of eyeliner to define your eyes. After, place a lighter color into your crease, using a slightly darker one in your outer "crease" (where you'd imagine a crease to be on your face at least). If you can fit a shimmery highlight color, then go ahead and add that!
2. Eyeliner
Instead of using a combination of eyeshadows, use a liquid of gel eyeliner to draw a medium-thick line across your lid. Winging out the liner will add drama and make your eyes seem longer horizontally. Also, add a shimmer champagne eyeshadow for some shimmer.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Favorite Stores to Shop at on a Budget

Who says all teens have serious $? We don't. The world has to face it. Most of the "bratty teens who live off of daddy's trust fund" generation is long gone. Although many magazines (think Newsweek and the Economist) tell a story of a recession long gone, the effects were major with millions of people losing jobs and still not being able to find ones. Those trust funds are going towards paying debts, morgatges etc. And if you're not one of those kids - lucky you.

Anyways, the typical teen wants to fit in. there's alwalys that insanely brave girl who stands one, and doesn't give a monkey's arse about the girl next to her. But, as a generalization, most girls do care. Every girl mentally (this is practically innate!) looks over another girl. They asses their makeup, hair and clothes and make a mental note if she is pretty or not. Believe it or not, even if you think you aren't biased - you so are. Everyone graviates toward a prettier person.

So your dillmea here is: How do I look cute (and slightly trendy) on a budget?
First off, CLEAN YOUR CLOSET. That is so key before you start shopping on a budget. Get everything super super organized, make a system that you'll remember - that way you'll know if your last white tee shirt just ripped and you have to go buy another. Also, remember to buy a wardrobe that's limited to the amount of space you have. If you have two walk in closets, you could probably buy a TON of stuff, but if you just have one miniscule closet, don't overflow it. Also, with your old clothes you could hold a clothing swap, or a clothes sale to make some extra cash.

Secondly, before going shopping anywhere - make a plan. Know what your style is - whether it be classic, punk rock or preppy. Make a list of how much you have of everything and what you think you need. I'd suggest you limit yourself to only a few trendy pieces per season and four or five trendy accessories. Learn to mix and match very well, changing up your accessories can really change the entire outfit up. When you go shopping, make a list of what you plan on buying (that's in your budget) and stick to it!

Thirdly, SHOP! :) Have fun, remember to stick to your budget.

Here's a list of some great stores (online too!) that you can find some great deals at:

Target, Walmart etc: Go to your typical mass marketed stores to find great deals on cool accesories and basics. Many basics (tee shirts, cardigans, tights) are marked down majorly during the off seasons! Also, check out target for cool GO lines. They have moderatelly fashionable clothes and you can usually pick up something nice. Alwalys check the sunglasses and accessories section for good deals!

Marshalls/TJ Maxx etc: Check out your local discount stores for cool deals. Most of these stores only carry some real designer brands, but they do have some trendy styles for a moderately discounted price. You can defintely pick up a few trendy pieces here! Alwalys look for discounted beauty supplies!

Thrift Stores: Check out local thrfit and consignment stores for cool vintage looking clothing at a cheap price! Check otu their accesories, although this isnt' the cheapest stores, you can find some good coupon codes and get great handbags and accesories here. Also, they have a huge selection of cute dresses in the sale section! , , , : Check out the shoes! That's all I have to say. : They have some great handbags as well and a great selection of jeans in every size. : Check otu this site for some funky accesories!

Have fun shopping!

Monday, March 1, 2010

A Search for Perfection: Wet 'n Wild Cream Eyeliner Review

Wet 'n Wild Cream Eyeliner in Eggplant ($3.99 at your local drugstore)

Let me start off with, I'm searching for the perfect, wallet-friendly gel eyeliner. Something that's of intense pigmentation, doesn't smudge or budge during the day, yet isn't too hard to get off that you have to practically rub your eye out. On top of that, I'd like it to be under $15. Even if it is around $20, if something is that amazing - the investment is worth it. So here, the search begins.

Before assessing the aspects of this product, and it's overall grade, I'd like to share a little story with you - but don't get too excited, it's nothing special. After racking the videos on youtube, on the best gel liner for the buck, I had come down to a few time tested and true drugstore eyeliners, and a few newer ones. The ones that were raved about were L'oreal HIP Color Truth Cream Eyeliner ($11.99), Maybelline Gel Eyeliner ($10), and the Wet 'n Wild Cream Eyeliner ($3.99). Obviously, being the cheapie I am, I opted out for the Wet n' Wild cream liner, yet, my local CVS doesn't carry Wet n' Wild, so I had to travel far away (about 1 mile) to Rite Aid - the unknown land. I rarely ever head over to Rite Aid for makeup, even though I should more often. This one had a shabby collection of Wet 'n Wild, yet I was able to score this single liner in Eggplant, which was the last one left and stuck in the back of the top shelf.

Packaging: As shown in the pictures below, this cream eyeliner is held in a small glass package, with a cheapie grey (with sparkles!) plastic cover. Although it is only around four dollars, it holds a minimal amount of product - yet enough for someone to try out their first gel eyeliner and be able to wear for a period of 3-4 months. It's nothing compared to the amount in your average MAC Fluidline. In terms of the attractiveness of the jar itself, I'd have to give it a B, just because this simply looks like your average teen makeup. Sparkly, plastic and sparkly.
Although the packaging itself seems cheap, the shape is quite inventive. But, after using this a few times (being the klutz that I am) I dropped it from about where my waist is to a hard tile floor. Although this caused the product itself to crack and completely slant to one side of the jar, the glass itself held sturdy and didn't crack or break open. In the aspect of sturdiness, I give Wet 'n Wild an A+ for the toughie plastic and glass.

Quality of Product: In terms of the product itself, it is like any other cream liner, of a jello-y consistency. I find that when the jar is shaken, the product sort of moves, and if you dab the tip of your finger into it, it seems to give a bit of resistance but, if too much pressure is applied, the whole entire product would smash up into bits. (By the way, trash the brush immediately, it is too stiff and is too wide, making the line created very very thick). After applying your liner brush into it, it seems to give way, after getting through the whole entire top layer of the liner, it seems to be easier to work with - creamier. Although, through application, the product lacks in pigmentation and staying power. It is very unpigmented and has the same effect as a white board marker. If you go back and swipe over your eyelids again, it seems to wash away - even after waiting 10-15 seconds. Perhaps if you waited a minute inbetween each layer , you could achieve an opaque liner, yet, who has that kind of time just for eyeliner? Also, it smuduges very easily within the first 30 minutes, yet after that it seems to set and becomes near impossible to come off your lids. It seems to stain them more than line them because after insistent scrubbing did it only come off. The color itself is beautiful and complements my eyes, yet I find that a black or brown would be easier to wear and become more of an everyday liner.

with flashwithout flash

Swatches with brush, 1st swipe is on the left

Overall Rating:
Packaging: 6/10
Quality of Product: 5/10
Value: 5/10
Overall Grade: B
Overall, I say don't waste your money. Their color selection is either black or purple, and you could defintely find a better basic cream liner.
FTC: Hello FTC. I bought this. My own opinion and ideas - obviously. I'm honest and not paid to create this post (why would I be?)

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