Saturday, March 6, 2010

Favorite Stores to Shop at on a Budget

Who says all teens have serious $? We don't. The world has to face it. Most of the "bratty teens who live off of daddy's trust fund" generation is long gone. Although many magazines (think Newsweek and the Economist) tell a story of a recession long gone, the effects were major with millions of people losing jobs and still not being able to find ones. Those trust funds are going towards paying debts, morgatges etc. And if you're not one of those kids - lucky you.

Anyways, the typical teen wants to fit in. there's alwalys that insanely brave girl who stands one, and doesn't give a monkey's arse about the girl next to her. But, as a generalization, most girls do care. Every girl mentally (this is practically innate!) looks over another girl. They asses their makeup, hair and clothes and make a mental note if she is pretty or not. Believe it or not, even if you think you aren't biased - you so are. Everyone graviates toward a prettier person.

So your dillmea here is: How do I look cute (and slightly trendy) on a budget?
First off, CLEAN YOUR CLOSET. That is so key before you start shopping on a budget. Get everything super super organized, make a system that you'll remember - that way you'll know if your last white tee shirt just ripped and you have to go buy another. Also, remember to buy a wardrobe that's limited to the amount of space you have. If you have two walk in closets, you could probably buy a TON of stuff, but if you just have one miniscule closet, don't overflow it. Also, with your old clothes you could hold a clothing swap, or a clothes sale to make some extra cash.

Secondly, before going shopping anywhere - make a plan. Know what your style is - whether it be classic, punk rock or preppy. Make a list of how much you have of everything and what you think you need. I'd suggest you limit yourself to only a few trendy pieces per season and four or five trendy accessories. Learn to mix and match very well, changing up your accessories can really change the entire outfit up. When you go shopping, make a list of what you plan on buying (that's in your budget) and stick to it!

Thirdly, SHOP! :) Have fun, remember to stick to your budget.

Here's a list of some great stores (online too!) that you can find some great deals at:

Target, Walmart etc: Go to your typical mass marketed stores to find great deals on cool accesories and basics. Many basics (tee shirts, cardigans, tights) are marked down majorly during the off seasons! Also, check out target for cool GO lines. They have moderatelly fashionable clothes and you can usually pick up something nice. Alwalys check the sunglasses and accessories section for good deals!

Marshalls/TJ Maxx etc: Check out your local discount stores for cool deals. Most of these stores only carry some real designer brands, but they do have some trendy styles for a moderately discounted price. You can defintely pick up a few trendy pieces here! Alwalys look for discounted beauty supplies!

Thrift Stores: Check out local thrfit and consignment stores for cool vintage looking clothing at a cheap price! Check otu their accesories, although this isnt' the cheapest stores, you can find some good coupon codes and get great handbags and accesories here. Also, they have a huge selection of cute dresses in the sale section! , , , : Check out the shoes! That's all I have to say. : They have some great handbags as well and a great selection of jeans in every size. : Check otu this site for some funky accesories!

Have fun shopping!

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