Friday, March 12, 2010

Tips for Monolid Makeup

I, unlike many Asians, have a normal eyelid - where I have a prominent browbone, crease and lid. Although my lid is significantly smaller than the average person's, I do have an obvious crease to place my shadows in. Therefore, makeup application and easily following Youtube videos is never a problem for me, but many of my friends and girls I have done makeup on have a problem with that. Here are some tips so that everyone, including monolids can wear their favorite eyshadows.

1. Reverse Crease
Instead of placing a lighter color on your lid to reflect light and a darker color into your crease to create the "3D effect". Instead, reverse this. Place the darker lid as a thin horzontal strip across your eyelid instead of eyeliner to define your eyes. After, place a lighter color into your crease, using a slightly darker one in your outer "crease" (where you'd imagine a crease to be on your face at least). If you can fit a shimmery highlight color, then go ahead and add that!
2. Eyeliner
Instead of using a combination of eyeshadows, use a liquid of gel eyeliner to draw a medium-thick line across your lid. Winging out the liner will add drama and make your eyes seem longer horizontally. Also, add a shimmer champagne eyeshadow for some shimmer.

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