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Exclusive January Hits and Misses

Becuase today is the last day of Janurary, I decided to create this exclusive post for all of you guys! I have filmed and edited a Janurary favorites video - but in there I didn't include everything I'd bought this month and a mini review on each product. So, instead of creating a video - I decided to make this super exclusive blog post for anyone who takes the time out to check out my blog. These posts will be random - so make sure to check out my blog often! Besides these exclusve beauty posts, I will also be posting my excercise regimen and updates, fashion posts (OFTD and others), and some random Vlog posts. So - if you want to know more about me - defintely follow me here or keep checking back.


*If something's rating is below a 3 - don't buy it!*

BareEscentuals Prime Time ($18 where Bare Minerals are sold): This is a skin colored primer that has a creamy - whipped texture. It has a turning part on the bottom that turns the product up and out (think stila lipglazes). It's sleek packaging makes it very easy to use and defintely not sore on the eyes. The product itself is very high quality. I love the whipped texture because it defintely blends well into my skin leaving a natural finish. It also gives a good amount of coverage to cover any redness or veiny areas.
Rating: 4.5/5
Nars Duo Concealer in Ginger/Custard ($32 at Sephora): I bought this on an exclusive sale at Sephora for $10 during the beginning of Janurary. There are two colors that match my skin perfectly set into a sleek black Nars packaging with an absolultely huge mirror. The product itself is perfect for covereing blemishes. I don't really like thick creams like this to use for my under eye circles just because I feel like it tugs my skin - I use one that is more of a liquid for a cleaner feel for the delicate eye area.
Rating: 4/5
Cargo Blu-Ray HD Bronzer ($15 at Sephora): This product originally retails at $30 but, Cargo is going out of business, grab these up while you can! The packaging is a little shabby for an orginally $30 bronzer, but for $15 it's fine. It has a huge mirror and a flip back style compact. What I do like is that it flips more than 180 degrees so you can really get your brush into the product. The bronzer is a little lighter than most bronzer, but it is perfect for the more fair people. Even if you have a medium skin tone this will work well as a peachy blush becuase it does have a slight sparkle (mostly matte) and a peachy undertone. The product is very finely milled and is extremely pigmented just use a light hand when using this product!
Rating: 4/5
Beauty Rush Soothing Lip Balm in Pretty Buff ($8 alone of 5 for $20 or 2 for $12 at Victoria's Secret): This "balm" is more like a gloss. It is a nude-pink color with a ton of chunky sparkle in it. It's tin is the same color as the balm itself and is very dentable. Although there is chunky bits of glitter in the tin itself, it applies smoothly and evenly on your lips although it is a little sticky and tugs at your lips a little (that's why i consider it more of a gloss). Also, it does have a breath freshining effect and a tingly minty feeling on your lips.
Rating: 3.5/5
Beauty Rush Shine Stick in Mango Tango($8 alone of 5 for $20 or 2 for $12 at Vicotria's Secret): I originally bought this because I wanted to find a dupe for the soon to be very very gone (and gone in my MAC stores) MAC slimshines. After searching my quite large mall, I confirmed to myself that this was the best bet to be the best dupe. I bought the lightest shade thinking it would be very pigmented. But, after swatching it on my hand at home - I discovered it was more of a tinted chapstick if anything. But, after actually applying the color to my lips, I was delighted that the color and tone of the shinestick actually transferred onto my lips. So, I am planning on my buying the darker reds to see if they will give more pigmentation. The product's packaging looks a lot cheaper than Mac's with a pink base and a clear plastic cover but it is defintely travel friendly.
Rating: 4/5
Beauty Rush Gold Rush Wet/Dry Eyeshadow($8 alone of 5 for $20 or 2 for $12 at Victoria's Secret):
Because I'm very obsessed with gold/champange eyeshadows for my lid colors, I decided to go for this color. This was the lightest gold color of all the Beauty Rush shadows and looks gorgeous. The packaging again look s a little cheap - the pan is set into a clear plastic case with a silver smattering that says "Beauty Rush" on it. Inside, the product is pretty smooth yet a litle chunky because of the glitter. The pigmentation is just alright - nothing too crazy or anything (nothing like Kat Von D's amazing shadows). Applied wet, the pigmentation gets a lot better. All in all, this shadow was just alright - but I've tried better. Don't waste your cash on this, buy the lip products from VS and stick to that.
Rating: 2.5/5
Love Spell Body Mist($9 at Victoria's Secret): I adore this. It is nothing too sickly sweet and the packaging is adorable. It is worth every cent of the $9 I spent on it. I use it everyday. I need not say more. One con to it is that the staying power of any body mist is very very limited (as in 30 minutes) but those minutes are defintely minutes of heaven.
Rating: 5/5
Neutrogena Facial Moisturizer for Sensitive Skin (around $9 at your local drugstore):

Aquaphor Advanced Therapy Healing Ointment ($9 at your local drugstore): This thick cream is 41% Petroleum Jelly which defintely helps in moisturization. It's packaging is like most other dermatoligist recommended products - boring. But, it defintely is a good product. It hydrates for intensely cracked skin or lips. One tip- Slather it all over your feet (concentrate on your heels) at night and wear socks. After you wake up in the morning, your feet will be silky smooth. But, one con, I believe the results of this and Vaseline are similar - so I'd suggest you just go out and buy a tub of Vaseline for 1/2 the price.
Rating: 2.5/5
Signature Minerals Makeup:

Elemental Beauty Blush in Antique Rose($6.44 at Elemental Beauty): I adore this blush. In my opinion, it is a great dupe for orgasm. It has a light pink rosy color with some intense sparkles in it - which is just like orgasm. The color would be flattering for anyone and everyone. The packaging is simply adorable becuase of it''s white sifter and rose on the cover. It's price is affordable and the limited amount of ingredients makes it easy for even people with very sensitive skin to use. This has been my favorite everyday blush for all of Janurary.
Rating: 5/5
Elemental Beauty Shadow in Earth's Core($8.05 at Elemental Beauty): This is defintely my new favorite crease color. It is a deep chocolate-y brown with a ton of golden sparkles in it making this loose shadow comparable to Mulch from MAC. It applies smooth and it's pigmentation is crazy good! I adore this eyeshadow entirely. Also, becuase it is so dark, you can apply this as a liner on your top lash line for a softer effect than black liner.
Rating: 5/5
Maybelline Lash Stiletto Mascara with cream shadow in Gold Aura ($6.95 at Brigette's Boutique): Amazing! I adore this mascara for once and I am a very picky mascara girl! I recieved this in brownish/black and golden aura. This mascara has adorable packaging and it's wand is made of gripping fibers- nothing rubbery which is my favorite type of wand. It is simply a long cylinder. One con - the wand and handle are too far apart so it is harder to control (for beginners). I adore this cream shadow stick as well. I believe it is a great dupe of Corn Shadestick from MAC. It is creamy and pigmented and perfect to wear as a base or alone!
Rating: 5/5
I recieved all products from Brigette's Boutique, Elemental Beauty and Signature Minerals for free although I am not paid to create this post and not affilated with them. Everything else I bought myself.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Anatomy of a Teenage Girl

Repost - Maybe.
Who cares. If you need self esteem - look no further.

So I wrote something, I have no idea what it is. And it's really dumb. But I guess I'm gonna publish it. Copyright 100%.
We're here to dissect a teenage girl's life. Complicated? Yes, but I'm here to take on the challenge.

Every teenage girl has a goal for her life, a short term goal, and a long term goal. It's usually one of the following:
1. I'm going to be a fashion designer/model/actress/singer/someone really rich and famous.
2. I want to find true love.
Every girl wants to find true love, and every girl believes every thing is love. Teen girls have dissected and read over and over the pink hard covered books filled with perfect stories of happily ever afters and charming perfect boys who accept the girls for who they are. And of course they automatically love them at first sight. Hey, I want that too, but nothing in life is as easy as that. Talking to boys is a chore, because you have no idea what to say. Avoiding your crush is easiest - because talking would just make you embarrased. And falling in love for you first time ever with a guy is an amazing gift. But you're not going to recognize it until a few years later, defintely not.

Every teenage girl is pushed by their parents - and honsetly every teen girl probably resents their parents for it. And it makes us seem so simple minded, for resenting them even though they have the best intentions in mind for us. Asian parents will push you to no end. They have lectures that they repeat over and over, the same words. They constantly bring up the same subjects and crush your self esteem until it is simply a small midgety worm.

Every teenage girl wants to have a fairy tale - at least for a day. They want the perfect Prince Charming, the gentle sweet boy.

But, I learned, I'm not like every teenage girl. I have my own anatomy, like everyone else. I'm not you and I dont' want to be. I look up to people, wish I was them. Wish I could be as talented and as pretty as they were - just for the boys. Screw the boys. They're nothing but useless lumps that search the earth for the best boobs and the best butt to go after. I don't believe in fairytales - yet I still read the Urban ones. The pink clad book ones. The ones about the Perfect boy named Trevor, or Adam or whatevertheirnameis. I still wish for the perfect boy. But I'm not going to meet him here, right now, at this age.
I know I'm going to meet him someday.
So, for now, I'm going to be content with what I am, who I am, and my skin. I'm going to enjoy the things I like and not be afraid of rejection. Be blunt and outspoken - and say my feelings. Even though this world wants you to be the every day teenage girl, I know I'm not.

I read this book, and I found out that I can be outspoken. And I"m going to break stereotypes. And I'm going to be myself - instead of acting like something other people want me to be. People Pleaser? Not anymore.

Friday, January 1, 2010

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