Friday, November 27, 2009

thanksgiving (belated)

what i'm grateful for ;;>>

this is super belated, but i'm grateful for so many things, and i haven't really pondered over them! It's kind of because my friend recently texted me saying how she thought she had nothing to be grateful for, her parents lost their job as of five years ago and told almost noone, her boyfriend broke up with her recently, her grandparents were having medical issues and on top of that, she wasn't doing all that great in school. Just when life gets you down though, you have to think of what is amazing in your life. What really you are thankful for because everyone should appreciate what they have, had had and will have.

- a loving and amazing friends and family who are alwalys there for me - no matter what! They're there when i'm down and there when i'm up and it's amazing to have that support with you at all times.
- my parents both have their jobs and can support me and my sister financially. They can send both of us to college without much aid and i'm so grateful for that. Wasting money is a big problem, so i try not to waste money. We dont' buy plastic water bottles and just use reusable steel bottles. Not only are they eco friendly, but you can save money by just pouring in filted water and bringing that to school!
-i go to a great public school with a great program for all my studies and extracirriculars. People where i live have so many oppurtunities!! I'm grateful for all of mine wheter to advance my studies in school or another area.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

a trip to the big apple.

in picture format - sorry for how bad the pictures are, but you'll get the jist.
so you know how everyone thinks that everything in NYC is uber expensive, like beyond belief?? Bloomingdales, Macy's, Tiffay and Co., J. Crew, Guess etc. All of those stores dominate the city, but how about the teeny vintage stores that are dotted across Manhatthan or the uber chic boutiques across Nolita, Soho and the West Village? Those are the best place for shopping - the best kind of shopping, budget shopping. If you go ahead and start on Broadway you'll find an amazing amount of stores across Soho and if you seek into the far corners of lower manhatthan you will find delicious deals. Here are a few of mine:

Grey Short Sleeve Sweater Dress with Wooden Buttons -$18.99 (I forgot the name of the Store but it's in Soho)

Funnel Neck Military Style Wool Grey Coat - $27.99 (Neccesary Clothing in Soho)

Amazing Riding Boots in Black Faux Leather - $27.99 (at a store called, Amsterdam in Soho)

Bright Blue Boyfriend V-Neck Cardigan - $13.99 (Neccesary Clothing in Soho)

Black and White Flannel Shirt - $19.99 (Uniqlo in Soho)

I also scored a pair of destroyed bootcut jeans for $9.90 - free hemming too! Sorry I didn't get a pic.

T-Shirt -$4.99 (Amsterdam in Soho)

Lord of the Flies - The dreaded book for School

Monday, November 23, 2009

Look for Less: Prada Vela Small Backpack

Everybody knows about the iconic Prada nylon backpacks. They're classic, alwalys in style and let you tote around all your belongings in an adorabe hands free way.
Prada at ShopStyle
Although the bag is simply gorgeous, and i'd kill to have it, There are other options as well - not many come in the classic colors and nylon that the Prada version comes in, but the style of the backpack is very common!

hello lovelies!

Sorry i've been away for such a long time - i've started a youtube channel!

Check it out! Although I've got an allergic reaction to my makeup and for some reasons, my older videos that I created before won't upload! So it's been about 10 days since i've "updated' although i've attempted to, at least 10 times - per video!

Since Black Friday is approaching (quickly) I decided to post up here a list of all my wishes for the season.
1. MAKEUP (and lots of it - although I am quite sure I"m allergic to Talc and Mica)

-Everyday Minerals Foundation and Eyeshadows
-Elf Brushes
-Bronzers and Blushes
-Eyeshadow Palettes (for easy access and use)
-Nude Lip Products and Beauty Balms
-Vevlvet Blazer
-Skinny Cut Cords
-Crossbody Leather Bag
-Flat Leather of Seude Boots
-Ballet Flats
-Plenty of Insoles for my shoes
-Watch (Timex/Tiffany)
-Ipod Dock
-Nintendo DS Game
-Dance Apparel
-Canvas Slippers
-Mirello Toe Shoes
-Dance Mag Subscription

Thats a TON! I'm not hoping for it all :)

I've also compiled a huge list of stores in NYC that are great, more coming soon - I will post an official list up!

546 Broadway
Project No. 8
138 Division St. CHINATOWN 212-925-5599,
219 Mott St. (btw. Prince/Spring Sts.), 212-219-2834,
Lafayette St. SOHO ?212-226-5292
101 Thompson St. (btw. Prince/Spring Sts.), 212-941-4757
West Village
Brooklyn Industries
161 Eighth Ave. (at W. 18th St.), 212-206-0477
17 Eighth Ave., 212-924-1410
Marc by Marc Jacobs
Women's clothing, shoes, and accessories: 403-405 Bleecker St. (at W. 11th St.), 212-924-0026. Special and seasonal items: 385 Bleecker St. (at Perry St.), 212-924-6126,
Pipin Vintage Jewelry
112 W. 17th St. (between Sixth and Seventh Aves.), 212-505-5159,
St. Luke’s Thrift Shop
487 Hudson St.

Arthritis Foundation Thrift Shop
1430 Third Ave.
Capezio Dance Theatre Shop
1651 Third Ave. 3rd fl.
1650 Broadway 2nd fl. (Time Square)
Council Thrift Shop
246 E. 84th St.
194 Glen Cove RoadCarle Place, NY 11514

Find Outlet
361 W. 17th St., between Eighth and Ninth Aves.; 212-243-3177• 229 Mott St., between Prince and Spring Sts.; 212-226-5167;
findoutlet.comLoft Works
100 Lafayette St., between White and Walker Sts.; 212.343.8088, Beacan’s Closet
88 N. 11th St., between Berry St. and Wythe Ave., Williamsburg, Brooklyn; 718-486-0816• 220 Fifth Ave., between Union and President Sts., Park Slope, Brooklyn; 718-230-1630

Screaming Mimi
382 Lafayette St New York, NY 10003 (212) 677-6464

Holiday Shops at Bryant ParkBryant Park, 6th Ave. at 42nd St.; 866-221-5157

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