Friday, November 27, 2009

thanksgiving (belated)

what i'm grateful for ;;>>

this is super belated, but i'm grateful for so many things, and i haven't really pondered over them! It's kind of because my friend recently texted me saying how she thought she had nothing to be grateful for, her parents lost their job as of five years ago and told almost noone, her boyfriend broke up with her recently, her grandparents were having medical issues and on top of that, she wasn't doing all that great in school. Just when life gets you down though, you have to think of what is amazing in your life. What really you are thankful for because everyone should appreciate what they have, had had and will have.

- a loving and amazing friends and family who are alwalys there for me - no matter what! They're there when i'm down and there when i'm up and it's amazing to have that support with you at all times.
- my parents both have their jobs and can support me and my sister financially. They can send both of us to college without much aid and i'm so grateful for that. Wasting money is a big problem, so i try not to waste money. We dont' buy plastic water bottles and just use reusable steel bottles. Not only are they eco friendly, but you can save money by just pouring in filted water and bringing that to school!
-i go to a great public school with a great program for all my studies and extracirriculars. People where i live have so many oppurtunities!! I'm grateful for all of mine wheter to advance my studies in school or another area.

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