Thursday, November 26, 2009

a trip to the big apple.

in picture format - sorry for how bad the pictures are, but you'll get the jist.
so you know how everyone thinks that everything in NYC is uber expensive, like beyond belief?? Bloomingdales, Macy's, Tiffay and Co., J. Crew, Guess etc. All of those stores dominate the city, but how about the teeny vintage stores that are dotted across Manhatthan or the uber chic boutiques across Nolita, Soho and the West Village? Those are the best place for shopping - the best kind of shopping, budget shopping. If you go ahead and start on Broadway you'll find an amazing amount of stores across Soho and if you seek into the far corners of lower manhatthan you will find delicious deals. Here are a few of mine:

Grey Short Sleeve Sweater Dress with Wooden Buttons -$18.99 (I forgot the name of the Store but it's in Soho)

Funnel Neck Military Style Wool Grey Coat - $27.99 (Neccesary Clothing in Soho)

Amazing Riding Boots in Black Faux Leather - $27.99 (at a store called, Amsterdam in Soho)

Bright Blue Boyfriend V-Neck Cardigan - $13.99 (Neccesary Clothing in Soho)

Black and White Flannel Shirt - $19.99 (Uniqlo in Soho)

I also scored a pair of destroyed bootcut jeans for $9.90 - free hemming too! Sorry I didn't get a pic.

T-Shirt -$4.99 (Amsterdam in Soho)

Lord of the Flies - The dreaded book for School

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