Tuesday, September 8, 2009

long time- no see.

my last post? July 31, 2009. and i'm quite sorry to hear that from myself.

My life has been a busy mess from that point on. I went to dance camp from the beginning of August, until the middle of it. Which was a total blast. I learned so much and it really was the time of my life. I may not have made best friends there, and had met the worst most cruel girls in my life, but the classes, oh the classes! How i'd live to live at intensives. And the residental rehersals for our pieces, they were so much fun! I had some particularly amazing famous teachers, that I absolutely adored. To tell you the simple and obvious truth right now, I didn't enjoy the classes while I was taking them. But now - looking back, they were simply amazing!

Also, at the end of the summer I created a youtube channel - under the name of daisycheekz. Subscribe! :] It's a beauty, makeup, fashion (the obvious love of mine) channel, and I'm really excited about that!

Also, I hung out with my friends, went bikeriding, ate pizza from the local pizzerias, and watched movies. It was a lot of fun to just hang out and relax, for once in my busy life. But - i alwalys got busted for staying out too late from my parents. The terrible consequences for the best things everr.

Anywho, school started, which sucked a lot but I have some great teachers and challenging courses - but I can't wait to get into the middle of the year with the teachers.

I'm going to finish up the Life Changing Experience in China post laterr. :] Just wanted to give a short update!


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