Wednesday, April 28, 2010

karma's real?

procrastination is one of my best attributes, as i sit complacently sipping apple juice out of a tiny plastic cup, pondering upon my future - when it lays right before me. still 5 full pages of european history to conquer, a century of history to study, a seminar to prepare for and a novel to read, yet still, my mind reels away from the work i must finish, one day, and brings me here -typing out my life for the world to read.

i believe in karma - sometimes. getting what you deserve. getting paid back for good deeds. karma.

one day in the ninth grade, girls in my grade told me i was mean. i was sarcastic, i was insensitive, other people meant absolutely nothing to me. i saw this in myself, how nasty and ugly this stem of evil was blossoming into, and immediately cut it short - digging out the roots and seeds of this plant and pulverizing them to bits. i killed that evil, and i believe that in learning to treat others the way i wanted to be treated - gently and kind, i got something out of that. want proof? here you go.

1) on april 23, 2010, i got into a dance summer intensive i'd be wanting to go to.
2) on april 25, 2010, i got 3rd place in a research competition in the natural biology category. i worked my butt off with my parters on this project.
3) on april 28, 2010, i was given the position of colorgaurd captain in my high school marching band.

three concrete reasons to turn your life around.

Friday, April 16, 2010

a milkman walking thorugh the rubble. let me give you some background, for those of you who are unlearned on the raids, bombings and horrors of the frighteningly recent world war.

world war ii: september of the year 1940 - The Battle of Britain had seemingly just passed, where both Great Britain and Germany fough relentlessly, each causing harsh casualties. this battle was done in the air, Germany destroying some of britian's homeland in days. yet, instead of building up his army of planes, as planned, Adolph Hitler decides to foolishly (like many of his fascist descions) switch plans. he bombs Britain, attempting to "break their will." Yet, the british people seemed to take it oppositely. instead of breaking down, they increased plane production and soon they, compared to Germany had three planes for every one of germany's. the british people stayed calm through the "blitz", going about their business with infinte amounts of courage.

so i say, take this milkman, walking admist the rubble of a recent blitz by the Nazis, and i shall live like him. even when my world crumbles around me, whether it be literally or emotionally, i should keep walking forward, one step at at time. courageous, determined, never stop. o' milkman, continue thy job, even when all hell breaks loose.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

This I believe.

I believe in love.
I believe in empathy.
I believe in honesty.
in being humble.
in understanding you can't control everything.
in knowing that the world doesn't revolve around you.
in understanding others.
I belive who you truly are.
I believe that life's about the journey, not the destination.

I believe.

Go here for This I believe Stories for inspriation.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


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Monday, April 5, 2010

And here's a toast to NYC.

We all know that everyone claims to adore NYC. I mean, unless you live there, you're "obsessed" and want to go there 24/7. Boasting metrocards in your wallet, and pictures on your facebook you puff your chests out proudly over the number of visits and items you bought in the city. Yet, for those living in the city, or even remotly close to it (as in 30 min or less) you find the city 10x less appealing. For example, I find that the city, although defintelly not 30 minutes away from me, is less of a thrill every time I visit. Although it is loads of fun, it's defintley overhyped by this country. Although I dont hate the city lovers, I do think they hype it way too much, giving it more credit than it deserves. Yes, NYC is NYC. It has everything right around the corner. The best cupcakes, the best ice cream, the best pizza but, not everything is the best there. The best drugstore? Duane Reade?? No way. The best budget makeup? I think not. Alhtough I think that any city would be great as a day visit, or even to visit for a few days, I dont think I'd be comfortable living in such an area. think about it, noise all the time, no time to rest from it. Although I used to be one of the people mentioned above, completely infauated with the concept of living or even being in a city for a day, I now must rethink those thoughts. I, unlike many, need my "alone time." I take out each school break to stay away from friends, stay away from those hideous ims popping onto my screen and the facebook messages on my wall. Some people think i'm ignoring them - being mean, but my closet friends know that I need that time to stay away from people, and to snuggle into my bed with my favorite book (series) - which is Harry Potter at the moment! [J.K. Rowling is a Genius!! Her story telling abilites and imagination is beyond compare. A true classic that series is.] Anyways, those are just a few reasons why I, personally, would abhor the city if I lived there for a long period of time.
So, I was reorganizing some makeup and came across a MAC quad that was virtually untouched containig. All that Glitters, Honeylust, Mulch and Amber Lights. Now, I'm not gonna lie, those are the only shadows I have from MAC and I guess I lost them? And I treasured them so when i bought them. I've rediscovered a love for all that glitters with honey lust on the lid combined, the prettiest pink-tan! Though, instead of using one outer corner, one crease, one lid and one browbone color, I've been really into a one color smokey eye for some really lightning fast makeup. My makeup has been either medium greys, browns, or taupes for a more dramatic day time look. I pat the shadow onto my lid with a flat shader and then blend it up into my crease - feathering out the color. It gives me a defined put together look, but its not too much of a hassle and it's super easy to do. It's sort of like going back to the basics - you know? I rediscovered what many kids, and I had done in the 7th and 8th grade - single shadow looks. And I find that these simple looks are the cleanest and easiest, my favorite of these looks is a simple mate slate grey (a color like print from MAC) all over the lid with a black pencil dragged across the lashline. It's simple and defined and makes my eyes stand out. But, for an even simpler and more fool proof look, using tans, peaches etc. are even easier becase its virtually impossible to mess up and there's little to no blending necessary since the colors are so close to your skintone. I find that the lighter one shadow looks should be of a sparkly/glittery/sheened variety because otherwise, you barely see color. The light refraction would bring light to your eyes, and therefore attention as well! :)

I hope you guys enjoyed this "my thoughts - vlog" blog post about a little more than the city!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Miley Cyrus Fashion Video? I think so. :) Keep a look out!

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