Friday, April 16, 2010

a milkman walking thorugh the rubble. let me give you some background, for those of you who are unlearned on the raids, bombings and horrors of the frighteningly recent world war.

world war ii: september of the year 1940 - The Battle of Britain had seemingly just passed, where both Great Britain and Germany fough relentlessly, each causing harsh casualties. this battle was done in the air, Germany destroying some of britian's homeland in days. yet, instead of building up his army of planes, as planned, Adolph Hitler decides to foolishly (like many of his fascist descions) switch plans. he bombs Britain, attempting to "break their will." Yet, the british people seemed to take it oppositely. instead of breaking down, they increased plane production and soon they, compared to Germany had three planes for every one of germany's. the british people stayed calm through the "blitz", going about their business with infinte amounts of courage.

so i say, take this milkman, walking admist the rubble of a recent blitz by the Nazis, and i shall live like him. even when my world crumbles around me, whether it be literally or emotionally, i should keep walking forward, one step at at time. courageous, determined, never stop. o' milkman, continue thy job, even when all hell breaks loose.

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