Wednesday, April 28, 2010

karma's real?

procrastination is one of my best attributes, as i sit complacently sipping apple juice out of a tiny plastic cup, pondering upon my future - when it lays right before me. still 5 full pages of european history to conquer, a century of history to study, a seminar to prepare for and a novel to read, yet still, my mind reels away from the work i must finish, one day, and brings me here -typing out my life for the world to read.

i believe in karma - sometimes. getting what you deserve. getting paid back for good deeds. karma.

one day in the ninth grade, girls in my grade told me i was mean. i was sarcastic, i was insensitive, other people meant absolutely nothing to me. i saw this in myself, how nasty and ugly this stem of evil was blossoming into, and immediately cut it short - digging out the roots and seeds of this plant and pulverizing them to bits. i killed that evil, and i believe that in learning to treat others the way i wanted to be treated - gently and kind, i got something out of that. want proof? here you go.

1) on april 23, 2010, i got into a dance summer intensive i'd be wanting to go to.
2) on april 25, 2010, i got 3rd place in a research competition in the natural biology category. i worked my butt off with my parters on this project.
3) on april 28, 2010, i was given the position of colorgaurd captain in my high school marching band.

three concrete reasons to turn your life around.

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Erny said...

I believe in karma too!!

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