Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Exclusive Blog Haul Feburary

Although I have nothing particularly special or ground breaking at the moment to share with you guys, I decided to do another haul. If you watch my youtube videos, you know I already did a collective Feburary haul and review - but, two days after filming and uploading, I went to the mall! Here are a few of my finds and some mini reviews.

Charlotte Russe: I picked up an adorable sweetheart necklined, strapless floral dress. The fit was absolutely perfect and the vintage and girly feel to it was adorable. I had been searching for a dress that was structured near the top (there are "bones" in this dress for your chest) and flowed out into a sweet skirt. This was the perfect dress! At $28 this dress that I will defintely wear all the time in the summer was a steal.

Forever 21: I picked up the "Traveling" bracelet depicted below and a two finger ring ($2.80) from forever 21 that had love plated across the fingers. Both were easy to wear and I have some great ideas to spice them up and make them my own. I also picked up a gold LA color nail polish which I had expected to be more opaque, but it ended up just being glitter.

Sephora: I picked up a matte muave Calvin Klein lipstick for $8 which was a steal. Muaves and nude pinks are my favorite shade- you can never have too many. It has a creamy consistency but it does fade pretty quickly although the pigmentation is great.

Victoria's Secret: I picked up a Life is Pink perfume from the new collection, the yellow sunflower perfume was for me. This scent is perfect for summer becuase it's light and airy.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Taylor Momsen

A real girl with a style and personality that seems to have changed out of nowhere. A musician, an actor, a model, she's a triple threat. I believe that her "goody-two shoes" personlity of previous years and her matchcing style was completely an act to try to fit in with the new hot show she had just started upon. Once her style started to gradually change from upper east prep girl to grungy rocker chick, her personality seemed to as well. While two years ago at 14, she would never be caught dead smoking, drinking, partying or smearing dark shadows across her lid, now at 16 (or is it 17??) she is caught doing all of the above. Many ask if it is the music, or the influences of Hollywood - but honestly right now I don't care. Honestly, as a prep, she looked better. Now she just looks like a drunky, anorexic child trying to be something she's not. But that's just my opinion.
Just look at those clothes.
Her original "prep" stage:


Transitioning Stage:

Her lovely "rocker chic" phase of the current time:

Monday, February 15, 2010

Nordstrom Rack

If you have a Nordstrom Rack near you, I suggest you never EVER buy another Neutrogena produt from the drugstore again. They have literally every line Neutrogena has come out with at discounted prices - now why pay full price? They also had a few Olay items, and a bunch of Biolage, Paul Mitchell etc. items. As the same concept is at TJ Maxx and Marshalls -
why pay full price?

Haul coming up soon lovelies!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Chinese (Lunar) New Year (2/14/2010)

The new year represents a renewal and celebration of the past year and correcting the mistakes of an old year. For the Asian Americans out there, they most likely celebrate more than one new year – one on January 1 with the rest of America and one around the time of February, depending on the moon. Each we hold special, but each “new year” is another symbol of our multicultural, almost mutt-like lives. On one hand, we feel an intense longing to the American’s New Year based on a western calendar. For example, I make my new years vows during this time and watch the ball drop in NYC. For my family and I, this is tradition. But, when Lunar (or Chinese) New Year rolls around, things are totally different.

Starting at least two weeks before, my family and I prepare. We invite our close friends and family (which usually totals up to around 30 people) to dinner at our house. My mom goes all out. She usually starts preparing the groceries and menu one week ahead of time. Three days before Chinese New Year, she marinates meats and begins the cooking process. The day before Chinese New Year, she is trying out new recipes and preparing for the big day. She makes sure to have all the right foods set upon the table the day of. Fish, representing knowledge, Bean Sprouts representing fast growth both mentally and physically, dumplings and sweet rice cakes representing an increase in income are all present at our table every Lunar New Year.

Not only does our family prepare for the guests to arrive at our house, but we prepare ourselves for the new year to come. We make sure our house is squeaky clean, every speck of dust is banished and every loose paper is organized into its right place. Things must be in perfect condition when New Year’s day rolls around because then, if it isn’t, the rest of the year would be filled with a messy house! My mom always told me that whatever I did on New Year’s day would be what I would do for the rest of the year.

With such culture and tradition hidden behind Lunar New Year, it represents our allegiance to our traditional Chinese culture. Yet, our heart pulls towards both directions- so much that our heart tugs and feels as if it may almost break apart. For a teenager, finding what path they want to take in life and who they really are is challenge enough but, for those of other races living in America, truly accepting and embracing both cultures is a concept that most never achieve in a lifetime.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


i sit here on my swiveling chair,
staring at the blank word document.
filled with only two words.
my first and last name.
i stare again and again, yet heart dare not let my mind open up to the possibility
that someone else,
someone i know
dare read this piece of work.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

VLOG - 2/6/10

Just something on my mind :) I hope you enjoy my slightly philisophical moments.

Have you ever wanted something so badly – but knew you shouldn’t have it? Knew it wasn’t the right thing to do? Every lust, temptation and desire is burrowed deep into this single idea. Every desire for new makeup, clothing or anything materialistic comes from this. Think of how juvenile we all seem now – simple beings with simple minds lusting for simple things. Why do the children of this age, the people of this age, simply desire those petty things when they could desire abstract ideas that hold so much more value than a case full of makeup?
How about holding respect in the eyes of your peers and elders? Or finding an integrity in the job you do. Take a step back from what you’re doing – look upon it from a greater perspective. What do you see your life as? Are you a plastic Barbie doll – or do you hold a life full of ups and downs, where each hill on your rollercoaster ride is so amazing that you can go back and still laugh? Just because this society values material things so much, and yet still denies this obvious truth – it doesn’t mean that you have to hold this same thing as the pillar of your life.
Hold your morals, your religion and the purpose of your life as the highest things because when all the things are stripped down away from you, what does your core contain? Would you like to simply disappear? Or would you like to remain – like a stone slab buried in the dirt?

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