Saturday, February 6, 2010

VLOG - 2/6/10

Just something on my mind :) I hope you enjoy my slightly philisophical moments.

Have you ever wanted something so badly – but knew you shouldn’t have it? Knew it wasn’t the right thing to do? Every lust, temptation and desire is burrowed deep into this single idea. Every desire for new makeup, clothing or anything materialistic comes from this. Think of how juvenile we all seem now – simple beings with simple minds lusting for simple things. Why do the children of this age, the people of this age, simply desire those petty things when they could desire abstract ideas that hold so much more value than a case full of makeup?
How about holding respect in the eyes of your peers and elders? Or finding an integrity in the job you do. Take a step back from what you’re doing – look upon it from a greater perspective. What do you see your life as? Are you a plastic Barbie doll – or do you hold a life full of ups and downs, where each hill on your rollercoaster ride is so amazing that you can go back and still laugh? Just because this society values material things so much, and yet still denies this obvious truth – it doesn’t mean that you have to hold this same thing as the pillar of your life.
Hold your morals, your religion and the purpose of your life as the highest things because when all the things are stripped down away from you, what does your core contain? Would you like to simply disappear? Or would you like to remain – like a stone slab buried in the dirt?

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