Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Exclusive Blog Haul Feburary

Although I have nothing particularly special or ground breaking at the moment to share with you guys, I decided to do another haul. If you watch my youtube videos, you know I already did a collective Feburary haul and review - but, two days after filming and uploading, I went to the mall! Here are a few of my finds and some mini reviews.

Charlotte Russe: I picked up an adorable sweetheart necklined, strapless floral dress. The fit was absolutely perfect and the vintage and girly feel to it was adorable. I had been searching for a dress that was structured near the top (there are "bones" in this dress for your chest) and flowed out into a sweet skirt. This was the perfect dress! At $28 this dress that I will defintely wear all the time in the summer was a steal.

Forever 21: I picked up the "Traveling" bracelet depicted below and a two finger ring ($2.80) from forever 21 that had love plated across the fingers. Both were easy to wear and I have some great ideas to spice them up and make them my own. I also picked up a gold LA color nail polish which I had expected to be more opaque, but it ended up just being glitter.

Sephora: I picked up a matte muave Calvin Klein lipstick for $8 which was a steal. Muaves and nude pinks are my favorite shade- you can never have too many. It has a creamy consistency but it does fade pretty quickly although the pigmentation is great.

Victoria's Secret: I picked up a Life is Pink perfume from the new collection, the yellow sunflower perfume was for me. This scent is perfect for summer becuase it's light and airy.

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