Monday, March 1, 2010

A Search for Perfection: Wet 'n Wild Cream Eyeliner Review

Wet 'n Wild Cream Eyeliner in Eggplant ($3.99 at your local drugstore)

Let me start off with, I'm searching for the perfect, wallet-friendly gel eyeliner. Something that's of intense pigmentation, doesn't smudge or budge during the day, yet isn't too hard to get off that you have to practically rub your eye out. On top of that, I'd like it to be under $15. Even if it is around $20, if something is that amazing - the investment is worth it. So here, the search begins.

Before assessing the aspects of this product, and it's overall grade, I'd like to share a little story with you - but don't get too excited, it's nothing special. After racking the videos on youtube, on the best gel liner for the buck, I had come down to a few time tested and true drugstore eyeliners, and a few newer ones. The ones that were raved about were L'oreal HIP Color Truth Cream Eyeliner ($11.99), Maybelline Gel Eyeliner ($10), and the Wet 'n Wild Cream Eyeliner ($3.99). Obviously, being the cheapie I am, I opted out for the Wet n' Wild cream liner, yet, my local CVS doesn't carry Wet n' Wild, so I had to travel far away (about 1 mile) to Rite Aid - the unknown land. I rarely ever head over to Rite Aid for makeup, even though I should more often. This one had a shabby collection of Wet 'n Wild, yet I was able to score this single liner in Eggplant, which was the last one left and stuck in the back of the top shelf.

Packaging: As shown in the pictures below, this cream eyeliner is held in a small glass package, with a cheapie grey (with sparkles!) plastic cover. Although it is only around four dollars, it holds a minimal amount of product - yet enough for someone to try out their first gel eyeliner and be able to wear for a period of 3-4 months. It's nothing compared to the amount in your average MAC Fluidline. In terms of the attractiveness of the jar itself, I'd have to give it a B, just because this simply looks like your average teen makeup. Sparkly, plastic and sparkly.
Although the packaging itself seems cheap, the shape is quite inventive. But, after using this a few times (being the klutz that I am) I dropped it from about where my waist is to a hard tile floor. Although this caused the product itself to crack and completely slant to one side of the jar, the glass itself held sturdy and didn't crack or break open. In the aspect of sturdiness, I give Wet 'n Wild an A+ for the toughie plastic and glass.

Quality of Product: In terms of the product itself, it is like any other cream liner, of a jello-y consistency. I find that when the jar is shaken, the product sort of moves, and if you dab the tip of your finger into it, it seems to give a bit of resistance but, if too much pressure is applied, the whole entire product would smash up into bits. (By the way, trash the brush immediately, it is too stiff and is too wide, making the line created very very thick). After applying your liner brush into it, it seems to give way, after getting through the whole entire top layer of the liner, it seems to be easier to work with - creamier. Although, through application, the product lacks in pigmentation and staying power. It is very unpigmented and has the same effect as a white board marker. If you go back and swipe over your eyelids again, it seems to wash away - even after waiting 10-15 seconds. Perhaps if you waited a minute inbetween each layer , you could achieve an opaque liner, yet, who has that kind of time just for eyeliner? Also, it smuduges very easily within the first 30 minutes, yet after that it seems to set and becomes near impossible to come off your lids. It seems to stain them more than line them because after insistent scrubbing did it only come off. The color itself is beautiful and complements my eyes, yet I find that a black or brown would be easier to wear and become more of an everyday liner.

with flashwithout flash

Swatches with brush, 1st swipe is on the left

Overall Rating:
Packaging: 6/10
Quality of Product: 5/10
Value: 5/10
Overall Grade: B
Overall, I say don't waste your money. Their color selection is either black or purple, and you could defintely find a better basic cream liner.
FTC: Hello FTC. I bought this. My own opinion and ideas - obviously. I'm honest and not paid to create this post (why would I be?)


A Lovely Blogger said...

Have you tried the potted cream eyeliner from ELF? I just ordered it but need to buy a brush for it. I have just loved everything else I've ordered from them and they are really inexpensive. ;)

Michelle said...

i have the wet n wild eyeliner too
the black one might be better
although it is SO hard to take off Dx
even with makeup remover!
when you find your perfect eyeliner, please tell?

my youtube is :
and im new :]

kimberly said...

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