Sunday, March 21, 2010

5 Random Facts About Me

I know this is a pretty famous tag on youtube, I actually filmed it once, but the sun was giving me this horrid glare in which my face was of the greenish variety. Not very attractive. An OOTD coming up probably, I'm hoping for some artistic pictures for my all of 6 followers - who I hope read my various posts :) Also, to update you guys again, I've been going crazy over one tutorial. I've decided to change up my tutorials a little bit to make them more unique - and more me. For a while now, I've felt like i've been trying to copy some other guru on youtube. But I dont want to do that anymore, I dont' want to be juicystar07 or meganheartsmakeup. I want to make my own stamp and mark on my followers, I dont want to be another clone. I respect all the large gurus out there for being them, thats who they are - noone should take that away from them! It's hard to stick to yourself and be unique, but I'm going to try to do that. With that said, my tutorials aren't going to be me speaking in the videos any longer, although that does give me a little more connection, I feel like tutorials aren't there to create a connection with the viewers (although some gurus are able to accomplish this), they are there to help you guys out and inspire you guys. Inspiration is a very important thing to me, I was inspiring not by the various youtube gurus (where honestly, no offense to any gurus reading this, but many - not all - seem very 2-D) but by the various fashion bloggers. No, not the youtube guru turned fashion blogger. I'm talking tavi from,, These girls blog and are inspired because they absolutely LOVE fashion for what it is. Their passion is so overwhelming that they inspire you. Sometimes, those youtube girls seem so flat, lifeless - like they make videos out of obligation or for the free products companies offer them. No. It shouldn't be like that. but, sadly - it is. Perhaps, if i compared it to a religious issue, it would make more sense - but of course in no way at ALL is the "youtube situation" as horrid as the situation of the world's church of God right now.
So here are another bazillon facts about me :)
1. I'm deathly scared of razors, knives and hospitals.
2. I'm considered a failure to my family.
3. I hate fake people, even though I kind of am one.
4. I think everyone deserves some love.
5. It's hard for me to express a lot of feeling and be the typical "sensitive" girl who crys at everything. I"m defintely not that, I try to hide my feelings and sometimes I even get pissed a lot.

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