Tuesday, July 19, 2011

ELF Hypershine Gloss (Blossom) - Review and Swatches

The ELF Hypershine Gloss in the color blossom (which can be purchased here or at Target locations) is a sheer, orange toned pink lipgloss. It has a sheer, creme finish and is more clear than anything. Also, the color itself in the tube, is an peach, orange, pink color. It isn't very complex and can probably be found in many different other places (dupes) but then again, this color can dupe many higher end products. Although I do find creme finish lipglosses the most flattering type of lipgloss, they are some of the most common types. It is not especially glossy. The smell is a mix of vanilla and some sort of old children's candy. Although it is not the most appealing scent, it is not the worst scent in the world. Although some despise the pen applicator type packaging, I personally have a strange liking for it. Although the buildup of bacteria is extremely valid, that is not a huge issue for me. Any sort of makeup will have bacteria buildup in it honestly, whether it is a wand applicator or a sort of powder. It is not going to be particularly harmful, so I don't see any honest problems medically with this sort of packaging. I like it, for some odd reason, because when I was younger, I thought this type of packaging and the pot lipglosses/lipsticks were the coolest thing since slice bread - seriously. I would search all over for some types of lipglosses in this packaging. Now that I'm older, I can't bring myself to hate this type of packaging. The packaging feels less cheap than the rest and I've had another color of this type of gloss for a year or so, and the packaging held up well. I had it in the color joy, if you're wondering. In terms of quality of gloss and stickiness, it is only slightly sticky -but take into account that it is not particularly pigmented nor glossy. Also, it's staying power is below average. Way below average - I'd say about 2 hours maximum. This color is comparable to a bunch of other pink creme finish glosses - yet I can't think of one exactly. If I do, I'll edit this post and add those glosses that I think are very similar.

Packaging: 6/10

Final Thoughts: I'd say, overall, this is a good to average gloss. It offers nothing special when compared to high end glosses or even drugstore glosses yet, consider the cheap price tag. Prepare for sheer color, an only slightly glossy finish, and not much stickiness. I'd recommend this gloss to the gloss lovers out there who love a non sticky gloss but, do remember that sticky glosses mean staying power.

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I've been looking into buying an Elf hypershine lipgloss, so this review is really useful!

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