Thursday, May 14, 2009

this is my lucky day...

actually, far from it, very very far from it. I basically killed my day, the minute i got home, i go on my computer, and guess what? I LOCKED IT AND FORGOT THE PASSWORD!! So what do I do? I have no idea, I"m screwed I guess. I"m on my sister's computer and i'm trying to hoard up passwords, but i doubt i'll figure it out. It's something to do with books/music/movies/tv, i know that much. But isn't that a wee bit broad?

Oh, and I can't believe Miss USA dropped her position, just because Miss. Cali. got to stay. Honestly, what a dumb girl. What has the US come to these days? Miss. California has an opinion, and I agree 100% with her for that, she should not be persecuted or humiliated for being herself and saying what she believes! What type of model are we giving our children anyways?

That's all for today, nothing much. Still weeping over my computer.

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