Wednesday, May 20, 2009

WOW! (and some photos)

yo estoy enamorado. I'm in love. yes, i am. I'm doing a spanish project right now and feeling fat, the best time of the world. I have so much to blog about! First off, WOW! I was looking through JC Penny and found some stylish deals, like a $24.99 Boyfriend Blazer and a ton of adorable I Heart Charlotte Ronson clothing. I can't wait to buy it online and make a video for you guys!

Also, I went vintage thrift shopping today at the thrift store near my library. I bought $6 black boyfriend shorts from H&M (kiddie sized) and a $1 gap vintage leather kid belt that fits my waist.

Plus, I picniked a picture on and here it is... (DO NO STEAL! that's why it says christie's picture on it, so i get credit - even if you steal it. So if you're gonna steal it, pretty much stinks x209357 for you.) I made it seem like daylight and twilight at the same time, prettyy darn cool, hm? I'm thinking of fb profiling it? Maybe.

I'm in love with dance movies too! Especially the ballet ones, the only one I know of is "Centerstage" but it's my favorite movie and I'm not even thinking of watching the second one because I know it'll ruin it for me :)

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