Saturday, May 16, 2009


can anything get any worse? I shall vent to the internet, i guess, and whoever is reading this, which i doubt anyone is. First off, on my SAT II practice test, I got a 630, THAT IS HORRIBLE. Now i'm going to have to go cram every night, because this test is in 2 weeks, and if i dont' get a 700+ I"m screwed. Also, while I was taking the test, all my friends were at the Junior Prom with their dates. I'm dateless (no guys like me, ever) and my mom would never let me go. And after that, my dad screamed at me for forgeting my password, and I fell asleep on my bed, trying to run away from him. While I was moping on my bed, my friends were out clubbing some place. Lucky people.

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