Tuesday, January 11, 2011

snow days + winter chill

every day should be a snow day. tomorrow is going to be one! our school called our house and everything, which is super exciting. i know i will hate this snow day for ruining my memorial day weekend, but hey! let's not worry about the future. carpe diem! of course, i have those dreaded midterms to study for, and after midterm week i have a nerve racking week of meetings with people who are infinitely smarter than i. joy! planning, preparation and haste- my three favorite words to describe a month. January is going to be more hectic then i had planned! oh don't we all love the unexpected burden? i''ll stop complaining now. I've spent the past three days addicted, absolutely addicted to the TV show 10 things i hate about you from around 2009-2010. I have accomplished all 20 episodes from www.hulu.com. seriously, the show is not nearly as good as the good ol' 1999 movie, but hey! it was like a good cheesy, super cheesy, super kind of stupid but kind of good guilty pleasure comedy chick flick on crack (20 episodes of that!). in theory they're good study breaks (each episodes is just under 25 minutes), but you get addicted fast. so, save a whole snow day if you want to watch them. but seriously, i was addicted, i seriously raced home from school all of yesterday and today to watch it. I'm somewhat happy with the way the first (and only...) season ended. but seriously, WHY DO THEY CANCEL SHOWS I ACTUALLY WATCH? i know sometimes they suck, but sometimes.. i kind of want to know what happens! like The beautiful life? remember that show?! seriously, stop canceling shows tv, i'm scared to get hooked now, i'll suffer from withdrawal.anyways, i filmed a video today, and it has uploaded, but here's my outfit.
shirt: UNIQLO
sweater: H&M
jeans: target
rings: gifts
shoes: jcpenny

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SuziDoll07 said...

where i live it doesnt snow enough to have a snow day. :P but thats okay cuz we're on break practically all winter. haha, love your blog(:

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