Tuesday, January 18, 2011

30 for 30 + project 10 pan.

the government says that the recession is over, i simply nod my head in disagreement. the gas price is sitll above $3.30/gallon and i can still believe that shops are going out of business, and people are still searching for jobs in desperation. i am a teen, but i like the the rest of the work force, do make my own money- and do pay my own taxes. when you're under 18 and have a job, it's like growing up in a big city. you grow up faster than you should. i'll get into the morals of having a job, and the fleeting quality of childhood another day. today, we're getting into 30 for 30 and project 10 pan.
if you're a makeup junkie, you know the basics of it is to finish up 10 makeup products, and the one condition you have to stick to is you can not buy any makeup at all for the time you are using up the 10 products in your collection. considering i'm extremely busy nowadays, i'm thinking this is a good time to do it, since the temptation of shopping for makeup is minimal.
1. l'oreal infallible eyelienr
2,3. revlon creme illumiance eyeshadows x2
4. clinique sunkissed bronzer
5. l'oreal voluminous mascara
6. wet n' wild megaslicks lipgloss in clear
7. rimmel lipstick in airy fairy
8. smith's rosebud salve
9. eos lipbalm
10. mabyelline the falsies mascara
i know i've included a lot of these products in my blog previously, but i've yet to finish them through my many successive, yet unsuccessful project ten pans. yay me.
now, 30 for 30 is a completely different yet, shockingly similar type of project. i got the idea form the blog credited below- i love this blog. she has a very preppy, almost teacher like style, and her lines and pages are very clean. it's almost similar to http://www.cupcakesandcashmere.com/ excpet for the fact that cupcakes and cashmere is defintley more high fashion and bohemian. anyways, the way 30 for 30 works is that you...
pick out 30 pieces of clothing you will wear everyday for 30 days.
will wear every piece of clothing over the course of 30 days.
not buy any clothes for 30 days.


feburary here we come! i will post more pictures of all the products and clothing items in a seperate post. my internet secret life is coming to a halt though, midterms are here. and like any good teenage nerd- studying comes first.
much love. xx

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