Wednesday, January 12, 2011

huckleberry finn + snow


i've recently discovered tons of new blogs with this crisp, clean feel that have inspired me to document more of my life, and more of my outfits on this blog. i'm going to do a whole redo of everything in here- redoing the background, the name, the banner everything! so, here's my brand new spanking blog! whenever i have started something, i get all OCD about it. i've also started a new "project" i guess i should talk about. i've started making inspiration boards- yeah like the ones magazines use to inspire their writers and stylists of their themes that month. but, mine - obviously i don't work at a magazine-includes my short term goals for that month+ the colors that inspire me and the mood that i want that month to be. we all know over here that i enjoy 10 things i hate about you, even though it was canceled this fall (why!?) and brianna creates a dream book. yes, i know, a lame-o dream book. it contains all her goals and dreams that she wants for her life - of course hers is so detailed, it's scary. but, i don't think i need a dream book. my life isn't set out to be planned by myself- but rather by God. God knows my future, so why should i dream of any other future than one with Him?

anyways my plans for today? absolutely nothing. it snowed an underwhelming amount - 4 inches. our whole town and school district expected over 8 inches- so they canceled school last night. but of course, the weather holds itself out on us. i'm sure every kid curses the weather man once in a while. i was too ashamed to take the pictures i took of myself today- i couldn't suck it up! i'm currently not wearing my contacts, concealer or any spot of makeup and wearing a big old sweatshirt, ratty sweatpants and those slipper booties that kids wear around the house. yay me!



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