Sunday, January 9, 2011

winter flannel

that'd be my hair.
oh winter flannel. my recent, joking- i'm always into this, mood has been black, greys, nice monotones. my mom calls it the "new york city" style, but i just think it's me. anyways, i've been blessed in a way. whenever i try to be another style then what i am, it always fails -which means i can stay true to myself, and my actual likes instead of trying to be a "hipster" or a "prep". sometimes that'll work for a day or two, but usually it just fails. i don't know how to describe my style- i guess i can describe it as me. so, here i am documenting my clothes - i know everyone likes a good outfit of the day. anyways, what inspired me to wear this outfit on (jan 3, 2011) was a spread in the recent lucky magazine. I believe it may be feburary of 2011? darn it, i keep writing 2010 instead of 2011! i need to get used to this whole year change. 2011 seems so weird, it just looks funny on a paper, doesn't it? wow! that was a tanget- okay. so, it was something about cozy sweaters and beaches. it was basically a spread on the "west coast" style of california. it was girls with long waves, cable knit sweaters, rose colored makeup etc. it felt so wintery, even though the girls weren't even wearing pants! something about the coziness and the comfort of it all inspired me with this outfit.

graphic tee: american eagle
flannel: uniqlo
sweater: forever 21
corduroys: forever 21
shoes(not pictured): black high top converse

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