Wednesday, August 31, 2011

It's so hard to forget the words you said

There are a lot of things that skip our mind during our daily trip through life. Some of the things people say or write stick with us and affect everything about who we are. They change our landscape of learning, thought patterns and our mannerisms. I guess, if you really think about it, we are a collection of who others are. This is probably not the most pleasant thought for those of us who likes to be "special" and original in some way, shape or form. I mean in reality, how much of anything is really original? Isn't every innovation inspired by an old one? I sometimes think about the people who are touched by the words of others too often. Wouldn't they just feel like their minds were about to explode into a billion bits because it is churning only with what others have to say? Just some random thoughts. So, here is my question, a rhetorical one in essence, you can answer it in your brain if you would like to. What is originality? Is it even real? If not, are those who claim to be original (the forward thinkers of our day) even so? or are they just like the rest of us, hidden beneath others' thoughts?


Fall by christie featuring disc earrings

Heartmade Julie Fagerholt gray shirt
349 DKK -

H m jacket

¥16,800 -

Wedge shoes
£140 -

Wedge shoes
£140 -

Fallon south sea pearl necklace
$265 -

Disc earrings
$20 -

Faux jewelry
$450 -

Retro wayfarer sunglasses
£10 -

Rubber Soul — Rubber Stamps — Laughter Is The Sun
$10 -

This is just a simple little outfit I put together that I thought I'd show you guys. I have zero power (today is the fourth full day without it) because of some lady named Irene. (ehem, hurricane, thank you very much) and apparently a very bad power association. So, I have no way of putting up pictures or taking them (considering, all my batteries are dead - the usual). I put in all my personal favorite trends into this set. Tortoise shell (any accessories, please!), Burgundies, leather belts (worn the right way), pearls, color blocking (done subtly) and nude shoes. I bought a pair of extremely impractical nude open toed wedges yesterday; it felt so good. There are more spinning through my mind but, these seemed most apparent. I hope you all are doing well! 

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