Monday, August 1, 2011

Back to School: Study Guide!

In general, students make resolutions twice a year (at least the ones I know). Once during Janurary 1st. The other time is right before school starts (whenever that may be). Whether it is a goal GPA for that year or a slew of new extrarcirriculars, students usually find the need to renew their goals before their school year begins. So, here I am giving you tips on how to meet those goals, whatever they may be.

School: How to bump up your grades (and therefore your GPA) aka Study tips

  1. Pay Attention in Class- If you pay attention in class, this is going to boost up your grades in the most efficient way. If you stop yourself from falling asleep in class, you can totally decrease your study time by a lot. 
    1. Tips for staying awake in class: 
      1. Use colorful pens - the colors will keep you awake, you'll even be eager to use the different colors!
      2. Candy - Eat some sucking candies to keep yourself awake, it's never fun to fall asleep with a lemon drop jangling around in your mouth
      3. Doodles - Educational doodles, and ones that take only a few seconds (and don't cover the whole page) can give your mind a mini break in class
      4. The rubber band trick- Smack yourself with your rubber band. It works every time
  2. Study well - Find what works for you, in terms of studying. Whatever is most efficient should be the way you study. Many people just read the textbook/review books/notes and highlight but, I read, highlight, write extra notes to myself and outline my notes again. It is definitely not the most time efficient method but, it works (i think). Take breaks when you need them (such as 20 minute power naps) and try to turn off all technology. 
  3. Stay Organized- Another easy way to keep your grades up. Your homework grade won't suffer if you stay on top of everything and know where everything is. File your extraneous and old notes from that year at home (in binders or an accordion folder or even a wire rack). Put everything right back where it came from and use labels and tabs (or a color coding system). Keep your schedule intact as well by using a planner to plan out your time according to what has a higher priority. 
Boys & Friends & Social Life: (more after the jump)
  1. First tip, be nice to everyone. Seriously, make an effort to keep all your relationships alive by showing your kindness to everyone. This will reduce time consuming drama and give you time to study.
  2. Limit your "hang out" time (including online chats). You obviously don't want to completely destroy your out of school social life but, give yourself a reasonable limit. e.g. 1 hr/day on AIM and twice a month to go out with friends. 
  3. Boys - This is a big subject. I can't say everything I can about this. 
    1. But, remember- you're a student, focus on school. If you choose to get together with someone or find someone, make sure he/she supports your school work and will leave you alone when you want to be left alone (aka studying). 
    2. Also make sure he/she respects your space, values and limits. You want to find someone who's a good match to you. Although it is my opinion that relationships should be taken at least somewhat seriously, don't take them so seriously. Perhaps he/she has the qualities of someone you want to marry but, thinking about marriage is thinking a little too far into the future. 
    3. Don't let the drama, insults or comments boys (who are young, usually) make. If someone calls you "hot", great. But, don't let that get to your head. If someone says you're ugly behind your back, also don't let it get to your head. No matter what other people say, just be sure of yourself and know that not everyone will like you. 
    4. Stay true to yourself and do not change your personality/your life/anything for a boy. 
That's all I really have to say for now. Perhaps I will add on more later (Leave a comment if you want more! on other subjects). Obviously I'm a little conservative, and focused on school. You don't have to necessarily apply everything I said. 

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MsCadybb said...

I love your study guide tips! Totally wish I could've applied them when I was in my junior year. Great post. You could do a college app tips post too for all those kids applying to schools cause I know that was one of the most single stressful portion of hs for me, and for a lot of other girls I knew as well.
Anyways, just thought I'd comment because I love watching your yt videos and enjoy all those life tips/experience you write on your blog.
If you have the chance, please check out my blog too! ❤

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