Thursday, August 11, 2011

Five Things

These are five things I have been loving this week. This week has been a decent one, filled with summer, love and more. Yet, I'd like to say my week has had a little bit of a drab tone because school is about to start. I know I'd like to believe summer is endless. Like every other season, it's had its ups and downs. But, I'm glad to say, I've genuinely smiled quite a few times at the thought of one more day of sun. 
Taking awkward pictures of trees while I wait for my friend so we can talk with each other like we don't have a care in the world. Summer walks with friends, and loved ones are definitely special. I've been loving enjoying the weather, and spending more time outside. One of my favorite things to do in the nicer weather (fall/spring) is to walk home from school so I can enjoy the mix of cool breezes and sunshine. And FYI, weeping willows are my favorite types of trees and the ones that bloom flowers. I'm not really a flower type of girl but, because I've definitely grown to appreciate flowers, nature and trees. I've still yet to see many weeping willows around where I live. I wish they planted more. Maybe they can't live here, that's probably it. Well, I just looked it up, the willow originates from China during the time of the Silk Road and has very aggressive root growth (blocks pipes and such). Thank you Wikipedia. 
More awkward pictures
Colorful, hand made bracelets that people only wear in summer
Those perfect beach waves achieved with a flat iron. The body in them really is the epitome of summer. For a straight haired girl, waves really can make a difference. 

DSC_0738 DSC_0723
stacking colorful rings on my fingers (blue one is from

I know these are only four things but, I did come up a little short. I'm posting this early because tomorrow, I'm going on a mini vacation. The next week after, I'll also be away. Vacation seems like a good idea to me now.

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wavy hair suits you well :)

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