Friday, August 26, 2011

Please don't lie to me. Look me in the eyes, tell me you love me.

This is just a quick face of the day (FOTD) that I filmed a quick tutorial on. I have no idea if I'm going to post it up because it was so "all over the place". But, here are some pictures I have from the film; thought I might as well share these. 

Oh, and an added note to the title, isn't it the worst when someone lies to you/hides things from you? 

The "deer caught in headlights" look
I used the Sleek storm palette (you can get these in the UK). I chose to use the two matte browns and one shimmery color on the center of my lid. I used the lighter brown on my lid and the darker in my crease with a 217. I added a liquid liner that was slightly dried out (therefore the grey-black effect) and a black mascara (Smashbox's Lash DNA). After, I used the blush I always use (MAC's Giggly) and Benefit's benetint. I thought this look would be great for pictures/anytime because of the overload of matte shades (which tend to photograph well). I might wear this for my senior pictures. I'd probably redefine my eyebrows and add a little more darkness to my lashline if I were wearing this for my pictures. Otherwise, I'd totally wear this for everyday. I've kinda fallen in love with this palette. If I had one palette for a year, it'd be this one. 

The "I'm so cool I can laugh" look

The "awkward glassy looking right eye" look

The Smiley look (and don't forget the awkward ear and apparent dimples -that I don't have)

The "I want candy" look

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