Friday, December 31, 2010

REQUEST: Favorite Beauty Products of 2010

What were your favorite beauty products of 2010? It's too late to make a video now, but I decided to sum it all up here on this blog post. Hopefully this will help everyone w/ finding their HG beauty products!


Foundation: Almay Naturals Foundation in Buff: This is a weird one for me, because I had an extreme hate-love relationship with this guy. At first, when I first bought it, I thought it was a horrible consistency and terrible messy packaging. But, after cleaning up the first explosion from the plastic tube, I learned to be more careful with it and learned to love the thin, almost water like consistency. This foundation is so light that it feels like water, not a creamy foundation at all. After it's almost absorbed into your skin, it gives a VERY dewy finish- or an oily finish. But, I learned that I'd take the light coverage and trade in a matte finish and I simply take my oversized kabuki and a translucent powder and go over my whole face. Simple.

Concealer: Covergirl Invisible Concealer in Light: This was a hard one, I had to choose between this and my NARS concealer in custard. The CG concealer is very liquidy again, but provides a more excellent coverage then expected. I have problems really only under my eyes and this is a sort of peach/pinky concealer and works wonders under my eyes. I do have to set the concealer w/ a powder because it has a weird looking finish on places that aren't blue, but are around my eye area.

Powder: ELF Translucent Powder: I discovered this this year, and have fallen in love. It's awesome! Perfect coverage (little) and great mattifying power and you really can't beat the price.

Blush: Benefit Coralista: The perfect color for my skin tone- enough said. It smells heavenly.
Bronzer; None :/

Eyeliner: Rimmel Kajal Eyeliner: Perfect for smudging anywhere in the eye area and is the perfect- not too harsh- color.
Eyeshadow: Walking on Eggshells by Wet n' Wild - Love this Trio! It's so not pricey at all, but the quality is soooo superb!
Stila- Kitten Eyeshadow
Mascara: L'oreal Voluminous- made my lashes stand out like a crazy person!!

Lipstick: None D: I've yet to find my perfect lipstick.
Lipgloss: Aerie -Cosmo Lipgloss
American Beauty Lipgloss- Sunset Pink
Wet n' Wild Superslicks Clear Gloss


p.s. Enjoy 2011!

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