Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My Holiday Gift Guide

I can't believe this is my ONE HUNDRETH+ post on this blog. It's a little bizarre, time has passed by so quickly- youtube and blogging really let me reflect on my past mindsets. Anyways, this is going to be a more informative post than usual (we all love these.. I hope), a holiday gift guide for HER. I was actually in the middle of filming a video for this, but my camera died. On that note, I happened to have LOST my HD camcorer which I got for my birthday this year. I've been searching around my house like a mad lady for it! Anyways, I actually got partner a few weeks back but have been experiencing major problems with Adsense and youtube linking everything (a glitch?! a lot of other recent partners have had the same problems..), but finally after a third email to the youtube (or was it the adsense?) support team, everything suddenly started working and I revamped my whole channel- changing the color scheme, and readding revenue sharing into all my videos. Just another update, I plan on doing a lot of reviews on this blog, whether they are new products, obsessions or sponsored products. So, if you read my blog- look forward to that? Onto the post! (that was an extremely long intro!)

If you are a boyfriend, or a friend, and need new original ideas to get a girlfriend, or any really good friend who's a girl- keep on reading!

1. gift baskets/bags (stocking stuffers for those who celebrate Christams): buy a ton of small things and package them nicely. thats the key to the whole gift, the thought and the packaging. I've created these before and they priced just under $15. Buy those cheap-o but adorable jewelry pieces from H&M, forever 21 etc. Then, add in a bunch of chocolate (holiday themed hershey's kisses anyone?), and some makeup that's on sale (sephora alwalys has good gift cards and coupons around this time of year, and you can alwalys find fun makeup on sale this time of year). Add in anything that's sentimental (pictures? inside joke items?) that'll fit inside a generally small basket, vase or bag. After accumulating these items, place them strategically inside your choice of container (use beads or chocolates to fill up about 1/2 of a box or vase, and tissue paper etc. for a basket), after use crafty items (like faux flowers, beads, ribbons) to decorate your new present. Wrap it all up in clear wrapping paper and a bunch of red and green ribbons (dont forget to curl the ends) and it looks more expensive then it really was! I honestly suggest this for a girl-girl present, but I think the best part of a present like this is the little surprises. Remember to add a heartfelt card and you're good to go.
2. Bath and Body Works : That's all I have to say. Candles, Lotions. Body washes, Perfumes, every girl's dream. For some reason, Bath and Body works, The Body Shop and Victoria's Secret have hit the nail on the head exactly and come out with fool proof amazing scents. If you're a guy, pick out what you'd like to smell... you'll probably end up smelling it for a while anyways.
3. Jewelry- When picking jewelry for girls (that is if you're a guy) the fool proof way to go is simple and understated. No name jewelry, no crazy hearts and shapes, just a simple understated look. Ask the sales assistant for help on this one. If you're a girl, get your friends something that first their personality.
4. BirchBox or a Mag. Subscription or a JewelMint Subscription
5. Your love

x, Christie

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