Thursday, December 16, 2010

Mini-Contest - BANNER

1. be a subscriber to my youtube channel ( )
2. design a channel layout (in terms of colors etc.) and banner.. you can make one or three banners, but they are at the sizes of...
960x150 pixels for the top, channel banner
The side picture can't exceed 300x250 px.
The video banner can't be more than 170x25 px.
3. I'd want the banner to say my username (daisycheekz) and a cute, original saying.
You can use the pictures at the beginning of this post in the banner (just save them to your computer)
4. Contact me through youtube, when you create one! We will work things out through there.

The Prizes:
An 88 Shimmer Palette
Two Full Sized Scented Lotions from Island Organics (Sun Recovery)
Two Bath Bombs from Melt Cosmetics + a Body Butter
L'oreal HIP Pigment

Have fun! :) Contact me with any ideas or questions!

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