Friday, April 17, 2009

the things i love.

i love it when...
  • Magizenes like "Lucky, Instyle, People Style Watch, Vogue, etc." have titles like, "HIGH STYLE, Low Price Tag". It makes me laugh. Because half of the stuff there, could defintley be found for so much cheaper at a differnet store that the magazine doesn't want to stoop down to and publish. It annoys the bejessus (or whatever) out of me!
  • the flowers bloom, it's super pretty and gives you a feeling of starting over.
  • your hair is just perfect.
  • you have a 'skinny' day
  • you find the best deal ever. You get such an adrenaline rush :D
  • Kathy Griffin and other comedians make fun of celebrities that need to be made fun of :D
  • annoying couples (for example, Justin Gaston and Miley Cyrus) pretend NOT to be a couple. how annoying.
  • you hate something everyone else loves. por example: Philosophy Lip Glosses and Body Washes, ew I hate that stuff, It tastes disgustingg. por another example: The Jonas Brothers, Okay I dont' hate them, i think they got kinda gay though. After their "SOS" blow up, I really didn't like them that much any more. Joe got extremely gross because of Camila de Vil and his almost unibrow. Nick got kinda, urm, ugly. Not to insult anyone or something. Kevin's alright.
  • you just finish working out, huge adrenaline rush.
  • you discover something you never knew you would, it's just like wow :D
  • you eat ice cream in the summer, or drink hot chocolate in the winter, oppisites are amazing.
  • you dance your butt off at a party.
  • you know that someone loves you back more than you do.

This is my whole entire list of loves slash hates - kinda both. :D Just thought I'd share, there's probably tons more, but I have to go study for SAT II Bio, and my mom is probably gonna kill me when she gets home and found out I did absolutely nothing today except watch Secret Life and go on Polyvore. :D

♥, Christie

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