Tuesday, April 21, 2009

just so you know, i'm outta control, oh yeah

just so you know, by Jesse Mcartney. Old times babyy. I miss the old pop boy Jesse, now he's all "Yo, Yo, Yo" and wannabe Chris Brown - not cool, my brother, not cool.
I have three words for you gals out there, CHAD MICHAEL MURRAY. He is amazingg. In A Cinderella Story, he was so gorgeous as Austin, I intentionally watched OTH (One Tree Hill) last night to catch a couple glances of him in his role as "Lucas." He's got it all by the way, "Brooke Davis" is gorgeous on that show. Talking about TV shows, I decided that you have to watch the shoes I'm listing now, or, well, I don't know :)
1. Gossip Girl: lustful, guilty and amazing outfits, the drama never ends. You fall in love with all the boys, including bad boy Chuck Bass, hunky good guy Nate, and the artsy boy who lives in the "Slubs" Dan Humphrey. And of course the girls, well they're complicated. My favorites, Jenny Humphrey (Taylor Momsen), 16 year old rocker fashion designer, Serena Van Der Woodsen, the (used to be) bad girl and devilish Blair Waldor, the girl who used to have it all until her world came crashing around her.
2. Secret Life of an American Teenager, the fictional story of a girl who has become impregonated by the school man skank, who decides to hook up with every girl in school, including the pregnant girl's best friends.
3. 90210: Amazing drama, you learn to love the characters. Worth the watch.
4. Sonny with a Chance: Adorable, Quirky, funny, very cute :D
5. ANTM: guilty pleasure all the way. Model reality show, but no one every really becomes a top model.

That's it! If you can't keep up with this, well, that's too bad, at least watch a few episodes ;D
some more interesting posts soon, i promisee :D

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