Monday, January 9, 2012


Strength is hard to come by these days. There isn't a lot of left. Some may actually say that girls have too much of it. Honestly, girls can never have too much. It is only a matter of time before a guy manipulates, disrespects, lies, and treats her in a disgusting manner. What would the girl do in that situation if she didn't have any strength? She wouldn't leave him. She'd keep turning back. Love, it's an interesting word. People use it without even thinking about what it truly means. Love is treating the one you supposedly love like they mean absolutely everything to you (because they do) and with the most respect possible. I'd suggest people not to throw that word around; it can lead to a lot of expectations. I guess I'm here to chronicle some sort of "break up" journey. If you couldn't tell already, my ex boyfriend and I have broken up. I am fully ready to start fresh and new, without a boy in tow. I don't need any baggage right now. There's a lot of anger, and emotion left still. I mean, who can blame me? I know I'll be totally fine in a few weeks. Without a peep from him, I'm feeling a lot better already. I'm going to be glad to leave this relationship, the emotions, and the love that I regrettably felt, behind me. I'd be happier if it could just disappear, honestly. But, I know this is impossible. Even if I don't feel any of the emotions I feel now in the future, I will always remember what happened: the events, the betrayal, the tears. Neither of us will forget them; it is impossible, after all. One of us will think we made the biggest mistake of our lives, the other will be glad they got out, and finally feel like they can breathe again. Guess which one I am. I am ready to move on, and hopefully will completely soon. I want to catch life in my hand, and live it without anything holding me back. I can become the lady I hope to be one day, respectful, always genuine and sympathetic, generous and very very fit (haha I am going to start going to the gym, a lot more). I want to be able to pursue what I want, no distractions, no limits. And do you know how people think they should be friends after they breakup? I'm going to leave that honest decision to time.

Some funny quotes from The Book of Poisonous Quotes for the more light hearted...
"Women have their faults. Men have only two: Everything they say. Everything they do." -Anonymous
"Man is the missing link between the ape and the human being." -Anonymous
"A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle." -Gloria Steinem
"His mother should have thrown him away and kept the stork." -Mae West
And to make this less ... man for the men reading this..
"A woman reading 'Playboy' feels a little like a Jew reading a Nazi manual." -Gloria Steinem

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