Friday, January 13, 2012

Dear Christie...

I've been meaning to start something like this for a while. With the new year, and starting fresh, I've decided to update and add to my youtube/blogging lifestyle. I've already revamped my banner of this blog, and am planning on revamping my youtube channel and have other ideas in mind. As a means to get to know anyone who follows/tweets/views my videos more, I've decided to create this little "open forum" for anyone who wants my advice. I know, ha!, my advice. In the meager 17 years of my existence, I've only gathered quite a few pearls of wisdom but would love to share them with anyone who would want my advice. I'm up to helping anyone with any thing from study tips for school, how to ignore bullies, boy problems or even just fashion and beauty tips. Whatever you want, I'm game!

All you have to do is either....

Shoot me an email at OR you can inbox me on via the youtube inboxing system (not the best option, honestly..) at

I'm excited for any of your questions. I'd love to help anyone I can in anyway. If I find a really common question, I may post some of the answers on these blogs (all people who ask questions will remain anonymous, unless you want your name on my blog, then I'll definitely leave contact information etc.)

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jinny said...

hi.. i just watched your tutorial and it was really pretty(: so im in middle school and im going to highschool soon and i want to start wearing makeup.. but im scared to ask my asian parents.. and i live with my dad.. so im really scared to ask but i really want to start wearing makeup.. can you please give me some advices? all of my friends wear it and i want to too. i dont mean like super glittery makeup but like natural makeup.. like mascara and maybe eyeliner or eyeshadow.. please answer me back and give me some advise..

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