Sunday, August 1, 2010


Wow! Long time no post :) I feel like so much time has passed by, its really pretty amazing! Summer has really zoomed by, I can't believe it's actually August. I do have a legit excuse to be lacking on this blog and even a little on my youtube - I"M SO BUSY! I know people actually alwalys use that as their excuse but, with going to dance camp every day, SAT prepping, Colorguard Camp, and Science Research, I have no time for dilly dallying. So, what should I write in this post? Not much has changed from school... I've met nooo new people, in fact, I've met 0 people. I literally look at neuron cells all day long, and jump and down with glee. Joking.

I have bought a LOT of new makeup, even though I'm doing project ten pan. But I think I've decided to officially abort mission. ABORT ABORT!! Well, sort of, I've only finished 2 products so far, but some products are dwindling down, a little bit.

I think I have a problem, when I know that I'll never see someone after a few weeks or days again, I dont' allow myself to get close to them, just friendly. I think it's a trust problem. That stinks for me. I think I'm really rambling, because there's nothing to talk of -sometimes I get bored of trying to be pretty and talk of makeup, and fashion. What is the po int really? Honestly, You dont even know what I'm wearing. Around people, I feel guady and clown like woth a full face of makeup and giant bangles.

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