Tuesday, June 29, 2010

the hardest thing to find

do you know what the hardest thing for a teen to find is? besides the perfect black dress and go with anything flats. A few things, the perfect pair of heels and the perfect pair of wedges. Most that are going through the stores we shop at are sky high - almost impossible to walk or stand in and are simply inappropriate for everyday wear. Well, at least for me (I'm not in college yet!). Here's an easy way to ease into wearing heels/wedges, and for those "classy" girls out there - here's your guide to wedges and heels, none past 3 inches in height.

Here it goes ladies... (and gents) - we're going from priciest, to least.

Anthropologie at ShopStyle

Anthropologie, Acrobatics Wedge $99.95 (3'' tall): find it here

Kohls Chaps Dawna Espadrilles $23.99 (3'' tall, with platform) Red, Black :find it here

Joan & David at ShopStyle

DSW, Joan & David 2 Bontemps Wedge (1 3/4''): $59.95

American Eagle at ShopStyle

AE Geometric Wedge

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