Thursday, June 24, 2010

Gone Fishing

I went fishing for the first time... ever. Now, I do live near a few bodies of water, so this fact is pretty much a big surprise for everyone who lives where I do. Summer days are filled with lazy days at the beach, eating crab patty burgers at the local shack, surfing etc. Think california loving, but not quite (i don't live anywhere near cali). So, obviously, it's pretty surprising that i've never been fishing before. i went fishing, expecting nothing much -boring laziness and perhaps a tan. But!, what did happen was i caught a 30 lb striper bass :) yes! i know, if you're into fishing at all, that's a pretty decent fish. Especially for ones first fish...ever. From that I also recieved a good amount of cash from the pool (becuase i ended up catching the biggest fish on the boat).

Now, you guys are probably curious as to what makeup i wore fishing. (isn't that what we're alwalys curious of?) I decided to go natural and wear my Almay Natural Makeup Foundation (more like a tinted moisturizer, goes on really light and smooth) and topped off my oily spots with a little bit of the Everyday Minerals Pressed Powder and used the Swirled Cosmetics Kabuki brush. After, I applied the Gold Aura Accenting Cream Shadow from Maybelline into my waterline and lower lash line and a little bit of the Prestige black Kohl liner in my inner waterline. The result? Intensely glowy, sparkling eyes that made my brown eyes pop in all the winners photos!

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