Thursday, June 17, 2010

a new post, a new fancy, life, and changes

oh my, i've turned into one of those girls - an obssesed makeup guru who neglects her blog. but, i do come back happy to find new followers - so i'd like to say thank so much for taking the time for following my blog and reading it :) Also, if any of you are subscribers on youtube (which I supposed many of you are), thank you so so so much for ALMOST 1000 subscribers. You guys are all the best! A new "era" of summer is so close that it's really palpable. I can almost touch it- yet I'm one final (and on more tuesday) away from this. That's how close it is. I'm so close - I can let go of school, drama, stress and headaches and embrace a summer of fun.

so they say...

But, in reality it's quite the opposite of your ideal carefree summer. The summer before your junior year of highschool. Kids, you know what that means... SAT PREP. Yes, hours and hours devoted to mindless questions about the structure of sentences and triginometry of triangles. Not on that, I'm going to a dance summer intensive and researching in a science lab. Just when I can gasp for a moment of freedom, I'm strapped back down again. It's such a yearly thing, it just never stops...ever. So, I decided that since "i'll have more time in the summer" I'm going to document my daily trips to manhatthan. My trips to Florida, Upstate new york and the such. I'm sure you guys are interested in where I go, what I do, what I'm wearing, and what new makeup look I concoted for the day. Pictures galore honeys. I doubt that there are going to be daily posts (do you know how long those pictures take to upload?!? eonnsss!), but i'm hoping for 3 times a week with photo laden posts. Also, there will hopefully be a boost in the frequency of videos (but that's doubtful hahah).

Anyways, moving on to the meat of the post, I'd like to ask you guys a question to think about. Why do you like your favorite guru(s) on youtube? Or your favorite bloggers? Is it because of their amazing personality? Or is it because of their stunning talent? I personally believe that the viewers should love a guru because of her stellar talent, not only because of her personality. I think having a fun personality could add to the fact that you're amazing. It should be like a bonus - not the whole test. Just something for the readers to ponder about, I've defintely done a lot of thinking about it.

About my life now, well it's hellish for sure. It's "finals week" but I haven't another final until next tuesday. I did watch karate kid! it was so cute :) jackie chan + cute 12 year old kid = adorable. It was one of those slightly scary/very cheesy disney movies - but it was cute all the same. It kind of made me feel like I could do anything I set my mind to ... for a second. If only that were the truth.

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